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12:37 PM on 06.30.2013

Let Me Know When U Want That Shovel Back MS So U Can Keep Digging P2

(Sorry for the lack of photos to break up the text,  having issues with the uploader. Support is diligently looking into it for me!)

  It's still very clear, even now, by Internet polls, Twitter, and  the like that the majority of gamers are still heavily leaning towards the PS4. Myself being one of them. So what will it take to reestablish faith in a company that pretty much told me, and millions, to basically piss off? 

  For starters, come right out and say that you were wrong and not hide behind that "by popular demand" crap. You guys screwed up and the world called you on it, man up and take some responsibility for your actions and actually say your sorry! It will go a long way in showing all of us that you think of us as more than just future dollars.

   Secondly, make your console a little more affordable and  if that takes dropping the Kinect, then do it. Not saying you can't have your $499 bundle, but now that there is no real NEED to have it equipped, give us an option. Neverless,  the PS4 has a $100 price difference already on you, in a war your losing.

  Finally, if you really feel any remorse for attempting to screw your fan base and consumers over and for ignoring our out cries till you deemed we weren't just going to take it and roll over; offer up something to show it! A discount on Xbox Live, discount on games from Xbox Live, drop the price of a second controller, but do something Microsoft!  Cause what you have been doing so far isn't working. 

  As a side note to Sony, this is your war to lose now. I suggest getting even further ahead by offering up something of your own to just sweeten the pot and add that extra nail in the coffin. Right now, nothing is a guarantee!   read

1:44 PM on 06.28.2013

Let Me Know When U Want That Shovel Back MS So U Can Keep Digging P1

(Sorry for the lack of photos to break up the text,  having issues with the uploads right now. Support is  working on it now for me!)

Even with Microsoft's (MS) complete 180 turn around, can they still really save their collective ass's from the fire? It will take some AMAZING actions on their part for sure! Just them pulling this 180 says a lot, mainly that we as gamers and consumers have more power than we believe.That our rampages, screams, and down right bashing of MS and XBONE had weight, weight that even with them pretty much attempting to tell us all, to fuck off and deal with the future of gaming as they envision it, was not going to be tolerated. Weight they finally realized was not going to just go away if they ignored it long enough.

 But just their attempt to try and ignore and fluff us off is a sin in itself people and to further point out, they have not even address the fact that they truly ignored us in the first place. Yes, I read their statement of banter, of by the extreme out cries, they have decided to change their policies. But if they were listening in the first place, there wouldn't have been weeks of rampaging gamers, unanswered questions, MS employees contradicting each other, and millions of consumers swearing off the XBONE to start with. You did it to yourself MS and its your job to fix it!   read

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