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Killatia's impression of nintendo's and sony's e3 press confrence. This time hes joined by his friend huskobon!

Yes the video quality isn't all that good but i didn;t want to bring the good camera with me.

Killatia's impression of the 1 vs. 100 beta that happened on monday night.

FYI: You may need the video to be fully loaded before you can watch the video. I having blip look at it.

Today killatia takes alook at an unheard of finghting game for the 360 that you should give a shot! Featuring magical bunnies in hats!

9:36 PM on 02.04.2009

Just a short video about my opinion about gamestop's used game prices. The bottom line, just look around and you'll find a better deal.

After months of hiatus Magic ink Gaming returns with a more of a "lets play" format!

Today's game is Meteos wars for the xbox live arcade, which is a great port of the classic ds hit.

My responds to AkewsticRockR's video: