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kezziebeat's blog

11:14 AM on 06.19.2009

A Quick One

I have been rendered poor...again.

So I'm selling some of my possessions.
Check out the details here:   read

6:58 PM on 06.18.2009

It feels like forever.

It turns out that when you land a job at a nightclub working only the hours of 9pm-6am, all your days merge together despite only working two nights a week.

I can't believe I've been inactive, despite many promises to myself not to suck and actually become a good blogger of some sort.

I totally didn't realise I had comments on my first blog, so thank you to everyone who welcomed me :) and here is the no longer 404'd 8bitcollective link.

So what have I been up to, you ask? Well, as my license on my flat runs out very soon, I've been doing a lot of tidying, sorting out travel, a place to live for the month and a half I have to wait to move into my new place, etc, etc.
I've been spending a lot more time at home, for reasons that the internet does not need to know about, and most of the time bored, the kind of bored where there isn't anything to do. Not the kind of bored where there is plenty to do, you just don't want to do it. After doing as many facebook quizzes I could find for all of 10minutes, I started playing Final Fantasy X, again. I have never actually got to the end of this game, purely because I will start it, play it solidly for a week or so, then I will get distracted and it will sit under my bed or some other forgotten place for months. Naturally, when I find it again, I will start it again so I don't get confused and can refresh my mind on the storyline. I've got pretty far on it this time, mainly because I'm skipping a lot of things, I will never be able to understand al bhed, and I don't know any random facts about Shoopufs, or whatever that crazy man talks about. Also, because I have been rushing through it, I haven't been training as hard, so I am weaker, it takes me at least two attempts to defeat any boss, and now I'm stuck, battling Seymour, and I can tell you this now. He can fuck right off. At least he guards can. I'm so sick to death of Auto-potion and Rikku just doesn't move fast enough, she dies instantly then of course you can't switch the players around, frustration has caused me to be speechless.

I'll get you next time time..   read

1:02 PM on 05.21.2009

An Introduction

My first blog was going to be all about my experience on the unofficial IRC and how it lead to my internet 15 minutes of fame, but that story is over 2 weeks old now, so it is now rendered unrelevant. So I've decided to do a little introduction to me, and what I do with my life, as well, i'm new.

The name I go by is Kezzie, incase you hadn't noticed/figured out by now. I'm from the UK, currently residing in Nottingham.
I make chiptune/chipmusic, whichever you prefer, you can listen to that on my MySpace or my 8bitcollective account.
While we're on the subject, I have a fair few gameboys, most of them are pictured below, I call them my children, and treat them the same.

On the gaming front, it all rolls down to Nintendo. I love my pokémon, I love my starfox, and of course those italians. I wouldn't say I'm a serious gamer, but I wouldn't say I'm a casual one either, I reckon I've found the perfect middle ground for myself.

Thanks for reading, if you did, and I hope to become a part of this community :D   read

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