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3:25 PM on 05.09.2010

Obama Believes Gaming Places A Strain On Democracy

Barrack Obama has said some pretty lame things since he's been in office, but his latest rant caught my attention, particularly since it was a knock on the video game generation. While I do understand his point to a degree...   read

1:25 AM on 05.08.2010

Has Anyone Here Played 'No More Heroes: Eiyuutachi no Rakuen' (PS3)?

I'm seriously considering importing this game, but I wonder if it's worth the $60 it will cost me. I loved No More Heroes on the Wii and am pretty sure I would really love it in HD beauty on the PS3. If anyone here has pl...   read

11:59 PM on 05.07.2010

Will Halo Reach Force Me To Buy Another Xbox 360?

I've had a difficult time with the Xbox 360. June of 2009 was the "last straw" and I sold my last broken 360 for scrap, sold all of my games, all of my accessories and even gave away my 360 stickers. At the time, I was so...   read

6:37 PM on 09.01.2009

Swag Lighter I Received From Pandemic Studios

EA related companies always send out the best swag. I received a functional 1941 Zippo lighter replica in the mail today from Pandemic Studios as part of a PAX invite for Saboteur. I guess this makes up for the fact that I never received brass knuckles for The Godfather 2.   read

11:25 PM on 07.30.2009

What I Would Change About The Sony PS3

The Sony PS3 is my platform of choice for this generation of video game consoles, yet I find myself complaining about many aspects of it. While I do feel the PS3 is superior to the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, we're simply sti...   read

3:14 AM on 07.27.2009

Diabetes Got Me Back Into the Wii

My Nintendo Wii had been collecting dust for months. With all the fun PS3 and 360 games out there, I really felt no need to fire the little system up. That has all changed for me in the past month since I was diagnosed wi...   read

7:50 AM on 03.11.2009

First Wii Fit Calls Me "Fat"...Now Destructoid?

While surfing the site earlier, I see the craziest ad that somehow seemed out of place. I was kind of upset when I first got on Wii Fit and the thing turned my Mii into a fat guy, but this could be the final straw. It seems like everywhere I go, I keep running into random "fat" ads... I'm not really complaining though. I clicked on the ad just to see where it would take me.   read

1:25 AM on 03.11.2009

Marriott Cock Squat (Dragon*Con edition) [Slightly NSFW]

Someone just sent me this video link on Twitter and I haven't seen it on any gaming sites. My mind has also been so warped by this evil internet that I'm not even sure what NSFW really is anymore, but I'm pretty sure this is...   read

10:30 PM on 03.10.2009

[Updated] Destructoid Hate From The Past...

***Updated: I decided to edit the person's name out of this post.*** I just received the most random email and am not really sure how to reply. Maybe the Destructoid community could help me out a bit. Here's the basic de...   read

12:06 AM on 02.16.2009

The Time I Almost Gave Up Gaming

Gaming has been a big part of my life. It started with Dragon's Lair back in 1983 and continues today with most of the modern games. I consider myself a hard-core life gamer, but there was a short time when gaming almost ...   read

6:36 PM on 02.15.2009

My Xbox 360 Days Are Over

My Xbox 360 Elite bricked with the infamous E-74 error at the beginning of the month. While I am not an Xbox fanboy, I certainly did most of my gaming on the system. I posted an article on my site about the entire situati...   read

2:55 PM on 04.23.2008

Preparing To Unleash My Rage On GTA IV

Why do people play games? There's endless reasons and I certainly have my own reasons for being really hyped up about Grand Theft Auto IV. I play UNO on Xbox LIVE when I'm extremely bored, but too tired to use my brain. ...   read

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