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2:54 PM on 05.24.2013

The slow death of the game industry.

So everyone has been talking about the x box one reveal. Here is my opinion on the whole thing why didnt we already expect this. The way business around video games has been going its almost expected,from online passes to always online drm to microtransactions. these companies have been trying to esentially cheat us out of our money for some time now. This i sthe same corporate greed that got lucas arts disolved the same greed thats fucking us now. so do me a favor vote with your wallet or we are fucked.
The industry will take abig hit if business practices like blocking used games or making somone pay even more for something keeps up just remember to let them know. video games are a luxury not a necessity you have to make them more apealing to buy or you wont make any money and restricting what we can do and making us pay unecessary amount of money is doing the exact oposite. Start thinking industry before you dont have the money to.   read

5:23 PM on 01.29.2012

Location: Night and Day

Ever since i can remember the environment in a game was always very important to me. In some cases it overshadowed game play and this is no exception

Okami has been compared to Zelda on countless occasions, the thing is i was never really able to get into a Zelda game. yes i will admit here that Zelda was never really for me and all those groaning right now can suck it. Okami is in many ways like Zelda in many ways mainly game play but the great difference is atmosphere the location and environment. From a small village to a massive city to a coast and mountain. Hell you can even play in the stomach of a giant seam monster. this game has everything.

Most games don't have such a variety of areas to explore. the Atmosphere screams old Japan one of my favorite places to be in a video-game. it gives you the feel of being in Feudal Japans countryside, in a serpent stomach or in a Misty Saké Flask nothing can ever top this.


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