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Spoilers for the "story" of L4D2 included, if you actually care about it (it was over hyped, really) then don't read on.

Talking to a friend (and proof reader of these rants of mine, props for that) we found out that when you search through your L4D2 files, in the "expressions" folder (which is the models folder for the characters) you see four folders for the survivors of L4D2 "coach", "gambler", "mechanic", and "producer". Nothing special there, however alongside those four are four more folders, "biker", "manager", "namvet", and "teenangst", sound like any other Valve group we know?

Well since in my opinion at least that is clear proof of plans for the original four to be included in L4D2, how would they fit in? I know the most obvious answer to this would be DLC, a download to allow you to play as the original 4 in L4D2 (or in L4D2 versions of the original game's campaigns), but since most people are assuming that there will be additional campaigns for L4D2 continuing it's "story", what if they were included somehow in those?

Well finally getting to the point of this blog, the end of L4D2 had the new survivors running across the bridge and being rescued by the military. This in my opinion is a pretty bad place for the new characters since the military guy on the radio who you talked to basically confirmed that the new characters are carriers when he questioned them about if they were immune to the virus and if they came in contact with the zombies. Being in the holding of the military as carriers pretty much means one of three things in my mind, either they're all shot dead and thrown away (not so probable, but makes the most sense), they are quarantined with other carriers in which case they have to break out, or in L4D fashion the pilot suddenly turns into a zombie and they once again crash and fight more zombies. Assuming that the original four are somehow included in all this (they're clearly carriers too), they could by the three ways that I described either also be shot (boo), be in the same carrier camp as you and help you break out, or have something to do with the new campaigns where your helicopter crashes.

Sure all this sounds very unlikely and this whole thing will most likely just end up being DLC to play as them/their original campaigns, but assuming that they ARE in the new campaigns/story somehow, what would you guys like to see/consider as real possibilities?

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