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keefles's blog

12:32 AM on 07.14.2008

A cast of thousands: Baird

Yes, that Baird. The blonde cocky sonofabitch.

I hate him. Not because hes cocky, but mostly, because hes a pussy.

Yeah, thats me. And guess who's under me.... Baird

I mean, he goes "This place gives me the creeps, man".

What real man says this? Unless its spiders, of course. He is a COG, he is freakin HUGE, look at Cole, look at the suit! He doesn't deserve to look so big and awesome. But the Cole train does.

And, he didn't do anything about it. Hes all, "Carmine...." like hes tough. You aren't like that when you lose a best friend! And that brings me to notice, that Baird is an insubordinate asshole. He has no feelings. Only "icky, gross, im scared lulz". He didn't give 2 craps for Carmine, or Kim! That brings me to believe Baird, east innocent starving children.

But Carmin is coming back!
That is why Baird is being killed in GOW2, too. Cliffy B was discouraged, and just needed a way to vent. Carmine is coming back he said, for the expense of Baird's death. Win win situation, boys!

But this is all my decision/ opinion. So, what do YOU think of Baird?   read

3:05 AM on 07.09.2008

Hes growing up well...

If only his parents would buy him Guitar Hero...   read

2:33 AM on 07.09.2008


Hi. This title is called CTF FTW!!!, but I want to introduce myself first.

I'm keef. My real names Kiefer, but I prefer keef.
I live in Jersey (USA), and love it. Out of any other place, I love Jersey best. But Massachushits and New Hampshire come close. Oh yeah, if you call it "Joizey" I'll kill you.

I play u15 Rugby, on the Morris Lions, and play Basketball too. But, my real sport is Capture The Flag. Not tackle, 2 hand mutha funking touch! I pwn at this game, like srsly. lulz.

If you ever want to arrange a North Jersey CTF team, PLEASE contact me.

Also, I love Manhunt. Not the worst Rockstar game (Godfather did nothing for me) ever, the hide and go seek ahh i found you lulz mi team nows. I love playing this game.

But theres a problem. I'm fat and slow, but 15... Hmmm. Thats where Dtoid comes in! Thanks for making lazy bastards like me barely want to move the mouse! Jackaces!

Also, Sharks are the best animals, blue is the coolest color, and I love building stuff. When I grow up I want to make artificial gills, and build roller coasters. I hate commies, I love Friendly's (restaurant). I hate typing so much sooo...

No, but really. Leona Lewis. Shes just hot, and Bleeding Love is good.

But so am I. CHOMP!   read

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