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A cast of thousands: Baird

Yes, that Baird. The blonde cocky sonofabitch. I hate him. Not because hes cocky, but mostly, because hes a pussy. Yeah, thats me. And guess who's under me.... Baird I mean, he goes "This place gives me the creeps, man"....



Hi. This title is called CTF FTW!!!, but I want to introduce myself first. I'm keef. My real names Kiefer, but I prefer keef. I live in Jersey (USA), and love it. Out of any other place, I love Jersey best. But Massachushits...


About keeflesone of us since 11:03 PM on 06.18.2008

I used games casually. Well, at least I used to. Now I'm getting addicted. It all started with Majora's Mask. Then, I got Morrowind, and now, I playing WoW, Cod 4, Gears, Morrowind, KOTOR2, and rock band. God stop me.

When I'm not getting laid I'm playing games. And I'm always playing games...

And uhhh. "I don't care what you say I'm in love with," Leona Lewis. Hottest and best sounding singer EVER. Yeah shes British, but "I don't care what they say...."

Oh yeah, my PSN and Gamertag are keefles. On WoW, I'm a Night eld druid, in Doomhammer. Darthneth is the name.


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