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kearns87 avatar 11:07 PM on 09.17.2012  (server time)
Why Tekken TT2 is the Ultimate Relationship Tester

A relationship exists on a foundation of trust. I trust my friends will pick me up out of the gutter after a night out, I trust family to tolerate my cooking and I trust my partner not to laugh at me naked (too much anyway). However, all of these examples fail to test trust and by extension relationships, like Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Both being huge Tekken fans, my girlfriend and I recently purchased the recently released Namco Bandai Games. The game bring a huge roster of Tekken characters (and for some reason Snoop Dog) to engage in two on two battles in the Iron fist tournament.

Because we Can!

We started the game out in usual manner, taking each other on in versus mode. What we didn’t discover until a little while latter was that within the game, you can chose to create a tag team that has two individual players controlling a character each. During the match, a player can tag the partner in at any time.

And this, this, is where we test trust.

We found that this game mode changed the very nature of the game. Now instead of fighting one another, we could be a team. Just like in real life (we’re Australian, so Boxing Kangaroos are a real thing here), we would work together and our very survival would depend on one another. Selecting our Team of Steve Fox and Nina Williams, we jumped on-line.

Our first match was against Kazuya and Jinpachi Mishima. We got off to surprisingly smooth start, years of round house kicks and uppercuts made us familiar with each other’s style. Unforchantly the other team was better (this should have been obvious, as Kazuya had a Top Hat) and I soon found Steve punches hitting nothing but air.

‘You’re in’ I announced and my girlfriend jumped into the receive a flurry of punches to the face. (No doubt distracted by the fashion crime of a leather Jacket being with a Top Hat). In the end we lost but instead of being bitter, we were the opposite. We had fought and died together; we endured hardships and had a great time doing it.

This experience with the game has been repeated several times with teaming up with friends and family. Playing with my younger brother, we picked the classic team of King (my brother) and Amour King (myself). Being the oldest my younger brother followed my lead. We went through a few matches with some wins and losses and at one point even managed to do one of the Kings awesome Tag moves. The experience was a different one than playing with my girlfriend but it was equally as enjoyable for different reasons.

Playing with one of my best friends, I found the experience to be different yet again. My friend, Mitchell, was the one who first introduced me to Tekken and someone who has constantly been able to defeat me throughout my Tekken carer.

I liken our teaming up to that of Goku (Mitchell) and Vegta (me). Mitchell picked Feng Wei and I went with my classic character Paul Phoenix. Our play styles are very different; with myself being very offensive and Mitchell prefer to time his strikes and use parries and grapples to great effect.

Our battles were again different experience, with both of us being too stubborn to Tag, or tagging with no warning. This caused some heated “disagreements”. Eventually we got into sync and started winning more matches than we lost. I must admit at one point I was in awe, as at one point on almost zero health Mitchell was able to skilfully defeat a much healthy team!

I found that this was truly the first game in which not only tested relations but was a also a crude simulation of my real life relationships. The different dynamics of my relationships has been reflected on the by the way the each team has played differently and I found I learnt a great deal about how I deal with things when interacting with different people.

How about you guys? Have you played the new TT2? And have you found similar effects with this Tag feature? I’d love to hear about and as always, thanks for reading![b]

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