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kawitchate's blog

7:06 AM on 09.11.2007

what OST tightens yer pants?

hey. i'm sitting here listening to the FFVII OST while i work (partly because i just read about the remix being released later this week and felt like getting ready, and partly because i just downloaded 7.5GB of FF music and...   read

2:15 AM on 09.10.2007

top 25 best selling video games - at least there's no Madden

i can't be bothered to check and see if this has been reported on yet, but it's new to me so i'm posting it here. top 25 best selling video games it's a list of the top 25 best selling video games of all time. i'm sure the...   read

1:51 AM on 09.08.2007

FRIDAYNIGHTFUNNY - missing girl probably raped

since the LATENITELULZ wasn't so lulzy tonite (imho - sorry Chief Man), and because the d-toid loves teh rape, here's a news story from the Onion News Network: pay special attention to the ticker at the bottom - Sony's got a new marketing strategy for the PSTriple. - kawitchate   read

4:06 AM on 09.07.2007

what do you say to these people?

so i'm talking with work colleagues the other day about some sketches on Chappelle's Show and we get to talking about how Chappelle's magic was that he was able to do pretty edgy stuff but keep it light and fairly unoffensive...   read

6:26 PM on 08.31.2007

EG on the WAAAAmbulance?

anybody watch today's Epileptic Gaming? they're going on and on about how they might be in trouble with the higher-ups due to low viewer numbers. funny thing is, i've been watching pretty much weekly for a couple of months ...   read

5:54 AM on 08.30.2007

endings that moved you (no spoilers damn you!)

so, i just got done watching the seventh installment of the Final Fantasy retrospective that's running over on gametrailers where they covered FFX and X-2 and after watching it i immediately jumped over to youtube to watch th...   read

3:04 AM on 08.29.2007

i's in the CoD beta

well well well, it's my lucky day. i'm not sure how many tokens they had vs. the amount of people that wanted 'em, but for some reason the gaming gods smiled upon me and i got me one. this ALMOST makes up for the fact that ...   read

4:58 PM on 08.24.2007

when eagle's cry

thank you destructoid for showing me the quality webcomic that is Bigger than Cheeses. it started with a simple CSI Miami joke (YEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!) and look where we are now. alternate headers: - twin tower travesty - what, too soon?   read

1:16 AM on 08.19.2007

the next big demo is here!!!

after a collective nerdgasm last week for the BioShock demo, the question that's been on everybody's mind has been - what's next? what demo could possibly surpass it? my friends, the question has been answered. the Ratatou...   read

9:16 PM on 08.18.2007

halp! teh ratchets & teh clanks

i posted this question in the comments section of a Ratchet and Clank front page story yesterday, but as the story was old i didn't really get many answers, so i bring it to teh blog. the PS3 doesn't have many games. this y...   read

4:11 AM on 08.10.2007

Okkusenman - can you feel it? *Now in God's tongue*

i've come across this song a few times now on my travels through the internets, and what at first seemed annoying has really grown on me. i think it's the passion and the ferocity he sings with that really got me... that and...   read

6:23 AM on 08.08.2007

Stranglehol-Y SHIT! stuff asplode everywhere!

just downloaded and played the 3 new demos on Xbox Live - Track n' Field, Eternal Sonata, and Stranglehold. impressions? Track n' Field i'm sick of Live Arcade games that give you NO demo time with the game. so i get to e...   read

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