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kawitchate avatar 6:48 AM on 09.12.2007  (server time)
TGS - uber-early impressions [update!]

yeah yeah, i know it just started, but quite a bit of info has already come out of the Tokyo Game Show, and i feel like commenting on it and then inviting you to do the same! OK?!?

good, shall we continue?

Rez HD and Ikaruga coming to XBL next year
now, while i'm all for big titles coming to XBL, i'm a little disappointed with this announcement... well, not the Ikaruga part, since i've never played the original (but i'm looking forward to trying this new one out since it's apparently all the rave). NO, i'm more upset about Rez. the original Rez looked great because it was sorta retro, like Tron lookin'. this new one looks too shiny, too polished, like all Lawnmower Man lookin'. too xboxy. anybody else with me here? or are you just excited that it's coming out at all?

Infinate Undiscovery is new Tri-Ace/Squenix/MS game
i liked Star Ocean 3 and Rogue Galaxy enough (just didn't love 'em), so paint me "cautiously excited." oh, and if i understand correctly, exploration and battles all happen in real time, so there's no load screens. that's pretty pimp.

Yakuza 3 formally announced
i swear, if this one doesn't head over to the states i'm learning Japanese just so i can play the damn thing. i liked Yakuza quite a bit and i was a sad panda when i learned 2 probably isn't coming over here... though there's always hope. and now, there's 3. yay!

Lost Odyssey coming out in the US early next year (maybe)
been lookin' forward to this RPG and i'm glad it's finally got a sorta-release date. "sorta" because the designer himself said as he was showcasing it at the MS event that they *hoped* to get it done on time. i'm sure MS loved that.

Dynasty Warriors 6 due in November
expect a post from Mr. Sterling later today.

green and pink controllers
at least they're not as ugly as the Halo controllers.

the green controller isn't green at all! it's some shade of light blue! how cute!

Ninja Gaiden 2
before playing a live demo a sunglassed Itagaki says: "Please enjoy the world's best action game, running on the world's best hardware." lol. nice.

so, anybody have any thoughts on TGS so far? anything you guys are looking forward to? any surprises you're hoping for? i'll tell you this now - if Squenix even MENTIONS the words "kingdom" and "hearts" together in the same sentence, i'll lose my shit.

in a good way.

Kingdom Hearts III?

- kawitchate

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