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5:40 PM on 11.26.2013

The Worst Games I Have Ever Played Vol. 1

I have decided to do a project of sorts. I am going to talk about the worst games I have ever played. This is my first time doing anything like this so criticism is welcome.


Deathrow was a game released on the Xbox that featured some of the best graphics on the system. Now that I wrote something nice lets rip into this. The game had a very basic premise, its the future, sports need to become more intense. So, combining football, hockey, and (I am not joking at all) ultimate frisbee a new sport was born. All the teams had a theme some were normal like an old school football team, marines, cops and then there were some that made absolutely no sense my favorite of which was an all female underwater biologist squad. 

The game was driven around a peculiar story. You chose a team, you were to take that team to the top of the league for a chance to face these half robot guys (who literally wore gold jumpsuits and had gold helmets) who were the most violent team and never lost. They killed whoever lost to them. So, you go through this one season as this team and would unlock new players and new teams. The story featured some rather dumb sequences like picking sponsors that had no real bearing on the game and maybe giving team members experimental steroids. 

The game featured really two difficulties at the end of the day. One was easier than sin where you could burn through every team, even the final half robot team, en route to a nearly 100-0 victory. Or, you could play on hard where the opposing team threw punches that took off half your health. Your team's AI was terrible on either difficulty. Often it would turn into a 5-on-1 scenario as the non-controlled team members ran around like children and would gather all the pick-ups without ever putting them to use. On the harder difficulty this became so much of a hindrance that the game hung around an unbeatable territory. 

Each Team had a "home stadium" these were usually unimaginative almost insulting extension of said team's theme. For example, the Marines (creative name right) played in a, you guessed it, military base complete with jeeps and spotlights. I will admit the Prisoner's prison was really well designed and featured multiple levels and was very fun. This is literally the only stage that did not feel phoned-in.

In short, this game featured some of the most peculiar things I have ever seen in a game. It featured a story mode that nearly insulted the terms story, teams made around some terrible themes that got old very quickly, and probably the worst AI featured in a sport game. You can probably pick this thing up at your local buyback store for about $1.00 and even though it is terrible pick it up because its so bad that it almost borders on parody and can be funny.

Thank you for reading pt 1 of the worst games I have ever played. I plan on doing these indefinitely and would love feedback. If you have any games for me to consider leave them in the comments and if you have any horror stories from this game please share those as well.

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