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Toys oR bUSt

Yes! Toys R Us. So many amazing memories from my childhood revolve around a store that i will probably never step fought into until i myself have children. Im talking about the NES days. When you would gallop into the store e...


Boo Worlds...

Most of you already know. This is for those that don't. TWO WORLDS is garbage. I know what you thinking. No, i didn't buy it(thats what dumb friends are for) and yes i was bored. The main plot line is quite literally about......


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My name is Jarad. I live in Sterling, VA. I work full time in Arlington as an IT support/helpdesk technician for a company called Carlson Wagonlit Travel/SatoTravel. I finish school for Computer Networking in December, which is exciting. Im highly athletic, in addition to loving video games.
My first experience was getting a NES for X-mas and playing 'Duck Hunt' 1 inch from the screen,(HAHA, give me a break i was young) and ive never looked back. My favorite games of all time include SOTN, FF tactics/6, King of Dragons(SNES), any NES Castlevania/MegaMan(not using boss weaknesses, using megabuster for them all, very rewarding!) I can play almost any game, and if i start it i usually need to beat it to feel accomplished. I am definately more a fan of old school games where you actually had to figure things out and attempt stages and bosses more than once, although i guess its nice that the learning curve is lessened nowadays in order to expand the industry consumer base. Its all good.

Message me..im always down for some live play.
Currently i am playing Halo 3, The Orange Box, Call of Duty 4(greatest multiplayer ever?), Guitar Hero 3, and Assassin's Creed. Will the games ever stop coming?!
360 tag: bowlgnasandwich

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