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12:34 PM on 01.22.2008

Atari, the worst customer service ever.(RANT alert)

So, the time is 8 days ago. I buy D2 to play with some friends cuz its a great game and an old classic and i decide to pick up Neverwinter Nights : Diamond pack also. I go home play some D2 and when my friends all go to bed i decide to pop Nights in and maybe create a character and do a quest or two before bed. NOT THE CASE. apparantly there is a HUGE problem with people getting no Cd keys, or 3 identical Cd keys for the main game and the expansions. My case being the later.

No big deal i tell myself. Ill just contact customer support and they will send me some new ones right away so i can play this great game ive been hearing about. You think it would be simple to just email me some numbers, but no, its been 8 days. Granted the email response said it would take 7-10 business days so ive not reached that yet, so im not too upset until..

I go on the forums for Atari support, or lack thereof, and find that its happening to a large number of people some of whom have had terrible luck like this guy who posted on the Atari forums.

"FYI, I followed the recommended procedure THREE times! It's been almost 1.5 months now, and still no response! I actually have no intention of playing the game now, but I'm still curious how long it will take to receive a response." -Aoradek

AND there are a number of forums started full of people who have been waiting anywhere from 2-60 days for this simple fix. Its ridiculous that these problems occur and that Atari has said and done NOTHING (that i know of, ive been looking around) to fix them. A recall, a dedicated email address just for these problems, a coupon, a webpage where u enter the false keys and they give you new ones or anything. This just pisses me off.

It just sucks that they follow great products with shat-tastic customer service.   read

2:36 PM on 12.07.2007

Crazy Ass dreams...anyone else obsessed with zombies?

Yea i know, nothing to do with video games other than maybe my excitement for RE5 and Left 4 Dead has
I love dreams. They are one of the best things about living in our world.
So i have this dream last night that there is this crazy ass Peach-colored grizzly bear running around turning people into zombies. Scary enough already, and yet he had a f ing teletubby face!!

JESUS! So me and my friends gather up my arsenal of ninja weapons at my place and set off to find it and kill it. We finally find it and after a couple ninja stars in the side later it starts yelling at us....except that its voice is that of a gay and my friends look at each other weirdly, and then i woke up. I have no idea where this shit came from but i found it to be pretty random.

Also, i dream about zombies at least once a week. Anyone else have this blessing/problem/phenomenon?

Leave some crazy dream stories...they are fun to read.

Peace.   read

9:04 AM on 11.20.2007

Why I like 'Rock Band', and if you should...

I just stayed up till 4 am playing Rock Band with 4 other guys and it was awesome. The game really shines when played with a group of good friends. This is definately the way its made to be played and i dont think you should consider purchasing it if you will end up playing alone. The reason being is that in world tour mode, you repeat songs very often and i dont think a lone player would have fun playing 'Black Hole Sun'(although a great song) every 10 minutes.
The instruments all feel very balanced, and they all have a special feature that makes u want to use all of them. Guitar has solos and an effect switch which can produce things like Echo and Chorus themes. Bass is now fun because its a big scoring support role, the only instrument able to get a 6x multiplier without the help of other "Overdrives"(the new starpower). Drums are badass because at the beginning of every song and when u initiate "Overdrive" you can just bang away and do your own little solo. The dreaded vocals are even fun at times with songs like 'Sabotage' and 'Paranoid', while letting you say whatever you want to kick in "Overdrive" like yelling "ROCK!!" or "LET'S GO!!!".
The create a player is extensive enough yet remains unchorelike, with many unlockable articles of clothing, tattoos, facial hair, and accessories.
The only thing i have negative to say is the interface which seems.....bland, but i guess it does look more "realistic" is comparison to guitar hero. Also like i said earlier in Band Tour mode or whatever its called, cant remember, you end up playing alot of the same songs so thats kinda lame. All-in-all if you have your own place and have people that come chill alot, then i recommend it. Its alot of fun and very group oriented. As i said before i dont believe this is a single persons game unless you are very music oriented in that you just want to play any and all songs.

Below i have included what NOT to do with your band

2:29 PM on 09.17.2007

Toys oR bUSt

Yes! Toys R Us. So many amazing memories from my childhood revolve around a store that i will probably never step fought into until i myself have children. Im talking about the NES days. When you would gallop into the store excited as all hell, knowing that today you would bring home a brand new adventure.
I couldn't have been that old...8..9? You would go into the NES isle and check out dozens of games, deciding what to buy based solely on the box,(actually like a photocopy of the game box, front and back) laminated so that you could flip it up to see the 2-3 screenshots. Those handful of photos, along with the box art, is all that you had to decide if the game was worthy. There were no game review websites, and Nintendo Power was JUST making an appearance.(1988ish) Your parents didn't know what games were good. You had to trust your instincts! Then you had to wait. You wouldn't even have the game in your hand yet. You had to take the little slip, carry it to the front counter, get it stapled to the receipt and then you could pick your game up at the game counter. Ahhhh the game counter. Heaven. You could get a glimpse of all the other titles just waiting for your next birthday, holiday, or just rare occasion when your parents would get you something for no reason.
I loved those moments, and i hope that some of have had similar experiences.   read

11:16 AM on 09.13.2007

Boo Worlds...

Most of you already know. This is for those that don't. TWO WORLDS is garbage. I know what you thinking. No, i didn't buy it(thats what dumb friends are for) and yes i was bored. The main plot line is quite literally about... 10 quests. In order to finish them though you must spend some time searching for and completing side quests to get stronger. This is where it actually got somewhat fun.
The exploration is completely open ended. You can access almost any part of the game right from the start. It was great fun for a couple hours.(if you ignore all the problems...way to many to name) I'm going in dungeons, fighting orcs, skeletons, a cyclops and a myriad of other creatures. Im getting sweet weapons, amazing armor, and new spells. Then after hours of doing this you just dont care anymore. You blaze through the storyline. The only guy who has a chance of stopping you is the second to last boss. Who can still kill you in one hit at lv 38 with 14000 life and disgustingly high armor and physical defense and takes an extraordinary amount of damage to kill (took like 10 min with 100 str and a 3k-4.5k damage sword), then the last boss dies in 6 sword swings....unbalanced?
Shit. They might as well add 'Two Worlds' to the definition of the word. Magic sucks ass, even if you focus on it. You can get all the mana in the world but your spells dont ever even compare to what one swing from a katana can do. I fought Demons when i was lv 15 in one dungeon then weak ass skeletons in the later dungeons?!? what?! 95% of the monsters took 1-2 swings to kill. Quests net you, basically, the amount of money you get from killing 2-3 humanoid mobs. I could go on forever, but im trying to make this short.
To summarize, dont play it. The reason I even played the whole way through the thing is for achievements. I traded a bit of my soul, some of my life, and a little bit of pride for 810 G. Is that worth it to you? You make the call.
-J   read

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