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6:31 PM on 12.09.2009

Team Fortress 2 Friendship Mode (Shortblog)

I'm sure anyone who is a fan of Team Fortress 2 has seen the video with the leaked announcer voice talking about friendship but just in case you haven't

Well the Team Fortress 2 Blog has been updated with a comic all about this rumored mode.

This comic seems to detail a friendship between a soldier and a demoman, the link from the actual blog states Attention Employees... Friendship ends in one day.
I assume there will be an update to the comic or something tomorrow. This might be old but I haven't seen it yet so I decided to post.   read

8:17 AM on 10.27.2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Realism Mode and First footage of Scavenge Mode, maybe(Short Blog)

As I turned on my Xbox this morning something interesting caught my eye, in the spotlight section there was an Inside Xbox video about Left 4 Dead 2. I normally don't pay attention to these type of things but since I am looking forward to Left 4 Dead 2 I decided to give it a look. It features a small interview with Gabe Newell Chet Faliszek and Robin Walker as except for the parts where it shows the respective people the interview plays over footage of the leaked trailer along with some footage of the New Scavenge Mode.

Near the end Robin Walker comes on and announces the details of realism mode. He said that everything that helped you play with a group of strangers is now gone. Including showing you there silhouette if there is a wall blocking your view, telling you when they are in distress, and highlighting useful items. Among those things he also said a few smaller things would be changing such as zombies have more health, they are more immune to body damage so aim for the head, and that witches would be instant death not just incapacitation.

Sorry if this has already been announced I haven't seen it anywhere.   read

11:45 PM on 09.11.2009

So apparently there's a Viral-Esque Campaign-ish type thing for Batman: Arkham Asylum... (Shortblog)

If you've played the game you may have noticed that before the first sequence with Scarecrow there is a man talking on the monitors about Arkham's affordable prices he gives a website to find the prices at and from that you can go back to the homepage of Arkham and also to the Gotham City Municipal site . This might have already been talked about but I don't remember hearing about it anywhere.   read

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