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kamaainot's blog

7:54 AM on 05.08.2010

In Defense of Final Fantasy Spin-Offs

Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise is arguably the best series in the JRPG genre. The series is known for its long and deep stories, unforgettable characters, and breathtaking graphics. The side stories and spin-offs are...   read

5:10 AM on 04.24.2010

Why Avatar Is Not The Best Movie.

Some people seem to be of the persuasion that Avatar is the best movie. Ever. I call BS. I simply think it's just hype, and I hope that it dies soon. It's like any great media or politician. Lots of hype and promise, disappoi...   read

1:15 AM on 02.25.2010

My Top 10 Games/Series of the Last Decade

The last ten years have brought us many great things. Among those is the concept of a video game being an "art form." That said, here is a list of the 10 best video games or video game series that I played in the last 10 year...   read

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