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kakusei avatar 1:06 PM on 06.04.2007  (server time)

I'm writing this cos of a stupid bug.

Haha, it's not an official screenshot really, it's just a mock-up I put together using my totally awesome paint skills. I got you there, didn't I? What? You could tell? Dammit.

I don't know if this has already been mentioned on the front page, but here I go anyway...I dids that there mock-up because Atari have officially announced N+ on the PSP and Nintendo DS, a follow up to the immensley popular flash game N the Ninja, created by Metanet software. I decided to go all blogalicious about this as I owe a lot to this game. There was a period of time in my work when there was absolutely fuck all to do, so I decided to have a little go on N the Ninja. The next few shifts flew past as I lept from walls, performed death-defying stunts, collected gold, evaded robots, and engaged in all sorts of other ninja related tomfoolery. It really is a great game, showcasing the fact that sometimes it is the simple ones that really are the best. It's available for download here.

This new version looks set to make many a boring train journey fly by. It'll feature all the acrobatic-action gameplay of the original but with a few extras that'll really get your ninja-juices flowing, mainly to do with online stuff. There'll be community leaderboards, cooperative and competitive multiplayer, and best of all a level editor, meaning there'll be no end to the fun. Some of the levels on the original are damn hard though, I bet some of the user-created levels will be ridiculous.

Anyway, this is due for November, so mark it down on your ninja-calendars! You know, the calendars you keep for all your ninja-related actvities? You don't have one? Well you should.

One last thing, why did I make my awesome mock-up on a PSP and not a DS? Because Sony are teh best!!! No it was because the DS has two screens, don't you know! And I don't know what would appear on the top screen. I wonder what they will use it for...the stylus will certainly make editing levels less of a chore though.

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