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2:02 AM on 08.04.2008

The Video Game Name Generator

Lots of Fun

For those that have never heard of The Video Game Name Generator, let me say that it is pretty awesome. When you go there, the page will automatically generate a video game name that usually involves lots of funny. I usually go there every couple of days, just to get a good laugh. I came across one today that I thought was pretty funny and I think someone should make this game immediately.

Exciting STD from Planet X

Check it out and see what game name you get: Video Game Name Generator   read

10:28 PM on 05.29.2008

Tales of Etrian Odyssey

We had been exploring the labyrinth for what felt like days. No food, no sleep...we were fighting our way back to town when we were attacked by a couple of wild hares. We had seen these countless times in our trips deeper, so it didn't take too long to end this battle; however, it did distract us just long enough.

Suddenly, there was a loud snorting from behind us, we whipped around just in time to see a large, angry bull charging us. We would later find out it was a Kuyutha, but that information wouldn't help us now.

"It's upon us, formations!", I screamed to my comrades. Just then, it tore into Ursine our Protector. "Minnah, cure spell, now!"

"On it," she yelled back.

It's side was open to me as I brought down my hand axe squarely. It shrieked and turned to me. Vance, our Survivalist, shot an arrow, from his Enamel Bow, into the beasts other side.

"I'm working on a fire spell, keep him occupied," Oyoa, our Alchemist yelled from the back.

Just then, Ursine's strength returned as Minnah's cure spell was cast. He lifted his shortsword high and plunged it into the bull's back. As it screamed, the animal's head turned towards Vance and charged.

"VANCE!!!", I screamed. The Kuyutha gored him through the chest and he flew lifeless to the ground. "Dammit!", I yelled at the foul creature.

As the monster trampled my fallen friend, Oyoa's fire spell engulfed it in flames, but that wouldn't be the end of this fight. Back and forth we fought and one by one my friends fell under the enraged hooves of this horned bastard.

After what felt like hours, we stood facing each other. We both wore the scars of this battle; although, I couldn't tell which of us had received the worst of it. I knew that one more hit from this monstrosity and I would join my friends to whatever fate awaits those that fall in battle. I didn't want this to be that day.

As if some silent bell, that only the bull could hear, had rung, he charged. I jumped to the side, but he seemed to be anticipating my move and lunged in my direction. Somehow, he missed what should have been a killing blow, leaving the back of his broad neck wide open. Seizing this opportunity, I plunged my axe deep into his neck, cleaving his spine in two. He fell lifeless to my feet.

Just as I started to revel in my victory, I saw all of my friends, lifeless. Now was not the time for victory. I knew that I couldn't make the journey back to town alone. Bleeding from many gouges, and not having any medica, I had begun to wait for the end.

Feeling the life leaving my body, I suddenly remembered Minnah telling me not to forget how to use that magic thread thing...what was it called?? WARP WIRE!! That's it. Feeling renewed, I jumped to my feet and frantically searched through Minnah's belongings until I found it. I hated how this stupid thing made me feel, like thousands of spiders crawling all over, and in, my skin, but I somehow knew that I wouldn't mind it so much this time.

I gathered my friends together and in the blink of an eye we were back in town. I immediately went to Cleft's Apothecary and he gladly accepted my money in exchange for reviving my fallen friends. Happy to be alive, we made our way back to the hotel and fell into our beds. As I drifted off to sleep, I prayed that I wouldn't dream of that damned labyrinth, because I knew that I, along with my mates, would have to do it all over again tomorrow.


9:11 PM on 03.14.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming Rig

No this is not a gaming rig of any kind. It is a HP M380N. So, it is a few years old. Crappy graphics card, does minesweeper well. It did only have 512MB, but I just recently added 2GB, so I could have more than a couple programs open without watching everything churn for a couple of minutes.

I would like to game on my PC, but, sadly, my poor little HP can't handle it. I just surf cry a little....


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