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5:46 AM on 10.27.2009

Other M

Other M - A collaboration between Tecmo's Team Ninja & Nintendo (along with a familiar director at the helm). Something awesome is happening here (I apologize if this has been posted before. But its definitely something this Metroid fan has to share!)

And be sure to visit the longtime running site (and old friends of mine) the MDB

IGN's interview with Project M director Sakamoto, Yoshio   read

11:59 AM on 12.08.2008

Rolling rolling..

Hey crew, moving today (to Tucson, AZ!) Should make for an interesting trip, aside from the adventure of taking most things out of storage. (plus the epic unpacking!) Been several months since I played any videogames, I feel a bit mixed up inside (I really miss playing my games). But huzzah! When all is said and done, I will have one of my hobbies back.

*note and some delayed game reviews included ;-; I am so-so behind...
(that and I still need to catch up on several new titles (as in buy them) ^^;

Alright, might be awhile till I can post again. Later =D   read

4:55 AM on 11.27.2008

SSF2THDRemix Album (an OverClocked Remix project)

Awhile back the crew from Overclocked remixed shared "Blood on the Asphalt". The collaborative project involving numerous talents paying tribute to a long running arcade fighter series. Numerous members within the community kept quiet for awhile, until a "ninja appeared" letting go of the rumor that Capcom had dibs on the soundtrack.

Fast forward to many long listless nights of waiting, with SSF2THDRMX finally hitting gaming marketplaces.
And thus more awesomeness was shared.   read

6:58 PM on 11.21.2008

Night of the Werehog

Halloween - an animation short teaser came up on a site advertised "Night of the Werehog". It promised a future release of an entire mini-film. From the outset the animation is fluid, cute, yet so creative (Sega's animation team is onto something even for a small piece). Best part? There is little to no dialog in the teaser.. almost gives it a silent film treatment.

Fast forward to now.. over at the same said site
There is now the full animation short, and its actually very well done.
- the character designs are totally from the new game, and refined
(so much detail, that the Werehog quills shine, and Chip's shivers just make him more adorable)
- the story is simple, Sonic & Chip happen to pass by the house (not knowing its haunted). And those that reside are a trio of ghosts, waiting for more victims to take "kodak" moments.
- the direction is very creative, and it captures a bit of innocence & fun (hey this is Sonic, but in a cg film; they are onto something brilliant here!) =D
- For anyone that enjoys animation, plus a good amount of fun; go check it out! =D   read

4:15 AM on 11.15.2008

Going on a few months now..

Some odd time ago, I attended PAX (and met many fun & exciting people). This was the last time I touched a controller.. yes this was. And so months later... um I bite my tongue every time I watch gameplay, or any trailer I come across. A list of the following occurrences without having a healthy dose of gaming
1) depression
2) gloominess
3) unsure
4) mixed up
5) I begin to see loop-de-loops in my sleep (sonic world adventure why did you do this to me!?)
6) the colors!
7) i just miss playing games period

Even with my list of "stuff I'd like to buy", my non-gaming sessions have really taken me back. I feel so strange without playing a game this long. Plus I'm due to be moving soon (and expecting a visit from a special someone) =D (*Thus my stuff is in storage until then)

So I weep charismatically in this entry..
Prince of Persia
Sonic Unleashed
Tomb Raider Underworld
Street Fighter IV
Street Fighter Turbo HD Remix

Just a few titles to list.. sure there's many coming out "very soon". But those are on my "hey this I gotta play!" list. Seriously, after not playing any games for awhile, it does get to you. Another reason why I haven't been writing much here.. (sigh) Thing is.. with the NXE coming up, I really need to update my 360 (upgrading the hard drive). Since my system has the ever loving 20GB, and my list of games.. I'm going to need to get that going. (sometime soon)

I bite my tongue every time I read a friend's review of some title, to just writing a positive comment. I'm not a negative monkey, I like being a teddy bear.

So to wrap up, I ask you faithful gamer (and reader)
How long have you gone without playing videogames?   read

3:54 AM on 11.08.2008

Treasure hunting

Greetings fellow archaeologists, if you've kept an eye on the web; you may know of something golden. Pray tell what is that? An interactive site, based on Tomb Raider Underworld.
Quick reading this, and go!
^- click to find out more behind Lara's new quest   read

11:19 PM on 11.02.2008

Dead Space - Downfall (Review)

Recently watched the animated film, via Starz Encore Action. But is it what some were hoping for?

1st - The Animation - Very well put together, from the Film Roman group (mostly known for diverse direction + animations studios).
Overall the visuals of the film are solid, even carrying a comic book type aspect. From human, to creature, or background, top to bottom everything looks as it should (even when its pitch black).

2nd - The story - For those that have played Dead Space (you know what's happened so far). For those that haven't here's a brief summary.. A mining colony is sent to investigate an ancient artifact, only to find that they've awaken monsters from long ago. But once they've tasted flesh, they take over the hosts body only to seek more victims.

Sounds like your typical sci-fi horror flick? Same goes with the characters sadly, tough brash female lead (check), usual amount of crew that will doom each other (check), team that fights to stay alive (and cue the "game over" line) (check)

3rd - The acting - Although this is animated film, it still carries a solid voice acting cast. From well known actors in the industry, to a few surprises. But the lacking part? Most of the dialog is filled to the brim with one liners, and various bits of language (even a whole argument filled with colorful words) **This isn't a hard hitting action flick, its a horror piece.. (seems the screenwriter was a bit too desperate to let out their action adrenaline)

For a lead interlude it delivers enough; that said about the crew that was doomed once they took the monolith. Was Downfall actually needed? Maybe yes & no, its an interesting perspective behind the disaster. Another negative point, is that it does not have characters you really want to connect with. As I've read elsewhere, in-game with Issac is the main motivation. Yet if that was the premise with the film; why not contain the same level of creativity? (besides lots of violence and gore)..

As a stand alone dvd (or blu ray) title, asking for $20 is a bit much. Since most would watch this title once, or twice (if you're really into it that deep). But since there is a collectors edition of the game, it would presume to be more worthwhile (its really up to the viewer).

Overall - Rent it   read

10:57 PM on 10.11.2008

Maiden Masher

SNKP has been quiet over the past few months, until recently. With unveilings of various titles on the way, KOF2k2UM (a remix edition of 02 - using the Neowave engine), and KOFXII (the new wave for the series). Surprisingly enough, the move to HD has really pushed this series even more; with many videos showing up youtube and various other sites as well.

A few keypoints for these two entries..
- Both keep the same gameplay aesthetics they are known for
- Bringing back a familiar artists for 02UM, and another talented name for XII
- And who knows what other surprises may be in store?

In some interview, SNKP hinted at "keeping an eye at their rivals".

With Capcom's flagship title Street Fighter IV making its mark. SNKP may definitely have a chance to get some limelight, just like they used to. (even though the series has had its significance over the years, this is definitely a "rebirth") Seems like their rivalry with Capcom may never end.

What's your two cents about both longtime fighters making a comeback?
And what are some of your fondest memories?   read

2:42 AM on 09.23.2008

KOF XII (SNK's comeback?)

Awhile back when Capcom & SNK were duking it out, no one knew which one would last longer. Sure there were some competitions, but to really push everyone's button. Even to open up the floodgates when CvS hit the world. It left many reminiscing why they went to arcades, and then others looking back and saying "hey I miss this".

Just watched the new promo, and it looks quite promising. Sure some avid fan complain over the "small stuff", but hey at least its a teaser for an awesome game on its way. Even though its months away (to a year) on being released, at least its an ongoing title. Unlike some publishers that just want 3D action "out of every orifice".

For once SNKP may be "on the ball" this time around. XI was a minor leap in design, mostly cut n' paste, but it tried to stand out from what it used to be. XII is definitely a push, Garou was only a teaser back then, and here we are years later trying to sort out if fighting games can still survive. And I can give an honest smile, yeah this genre is not giving up, not by a long shot baby.   read

8:21 AM on 09.12.2008

Misconceptions of a Hedgehog

A few years ago, some company said "hey we can make this better!" How? Bringing it to nextgen consoles, then it would leave us floored, and wondering if we could play the title. Later to find out a demo, that caused a split between gamers. Where did the day / night physics go? What happened to realtime gameplay? Plus where did that awesome fight sequence + sans taking off from buildings, to only see the blue hedgehog winding up kissing dirt = using emerald and taking everything out in sight? I really wish I knew as well.

2006's Sonic entry was something of a mixed conception. From this fan included, who has enjoyed Sega's mascot's adventures since the Genesis. But those days are long gone, "blast processing" and the coveted embrace of speed hasn't been felt in ages. Although Sonic Adventure actually delivered some insane moments, it just missed a few markers with others. And Adventure 2 could have been an opus, besides marketing SEGA's almost near "deatH' if it weren't for its re-envisioning of itself.

Several things I pondered when I wrapped up my time with Adventure pt2. Why did it break the barrier of having both the good / bad guys work together? The idea of Robotnik already playing "second fiddle" teased the fuck out of everyone back in pt1. "Who the hell thought the ending from pt1 didn't dazzle & amaze us as is?!" Every magazine praised "what just happened!" it was an amazing sensation then, and it still leaves some markers till this day. Go ahead, pop in Adventure 1, and tell me you didn't get a chill down your spine when Robotnik actually is a do-gooder (although getting his ass shot out of the sky in the process).

I find it ridiculous how much of the newer fanbase isn't welcome with concepts mixed together. "Why do we need humans in the story?" "We don't need this many characters" Seriously, Adventure 1&2 were meant to veer away from a different perspective. Would we want to "rinse & repeat" what's been done before? Sonic Team's motive was to take its fans on a new type of energetic ride, something that hadn't been taken to such a level. Nowadays its still not even common place, where current titles dare try to make their characters go on a non-stop ride, only to find it end the moment they even take a chance to do something else. (oh yeah I forgot, the games lately are damn near unplayable) And some wonder why gamers these days decide not to plunker down $60+ for some piece of shit (oh wait, some still do I forget about that part).

I remember those crazy days back in grade school where the question came up. "Hey are you a hardcore or casual game player?" Back then, my summers were spent playing games left and right. With friends, and just enjoying every moment. That rush lately is long gone, we've all grown up and rarely see one another. To be honest, I would love to get that feeling back again someday, I miss it.. maybe that's why the Sonic series has missed its mark during the journey. It lost its focus, being tossed so many times, it barely had time to recover. Until recently, admit it that sequence during the new titles trailer doesn't excite you one bit. If it doesn't why are you still playing games anymore? =D

*I kid, even when I attended PAX, that sensation of those long lost summers to being in front of tv screens with gamepads came back. I would so want that to come back every weekend, and just enjoy every moment. Maybe its something we all need after all.   read

1:26 PM on 09.06.2008

And more stuff from PAX 08

*Now linked via facebook
Thanks to Knives for reminding me, sharing some photos from the event. At the moment I'm kinda tied up with packing stuff for my move. So I'm direct linking via my myspace PAX photo album. Enjoy =D   read

1:12 AM on 09.01.2008

The Passion of PAX (finale')

Although I missed the events of day two, I made up for my missed appointments. I managed to catch up, and also obtain some new notes regarding "an entry into the industry & what is possible". Taking initiative, I felt better finding out more on how "internal" members of various development teams work together in an interesting fashion. From asking Todd Howard, to many more familiar individuals on what they look towards in team members portfolios (regarding careers, and other options to approach them).

Plus I also had the chance to chat with a few more people during panels. Including another brief chat with Adam Sessler, and Morgan Webb, and St@rslayer (dressed up as Judy Nails). And in regards a few more from Allgames, Kotaku, and Gamasutra, plus 1up, and many members of this fun community. (which I wanted to explain about the temp tattoo ^^:)

After my appointments, I opted the chance to actually play a few games on the show floor. From Mushroom Men (DS), Damnation (360), Rise of the Argonauts (360), Little Big Planet (PS3), Midnight Club LA (360 / PS3) *and tried out some of the PAX10 entries. Overall I enjoyed quite a bit of the titles, and had the chance to speak with the PR's & some of the producers as well.

- Midnight Club LA - kodak moments.. I have never had so much fun racing against a drunk mascot. Seriously, it was the most intense, albeit insane moment ever. (including several kicks to the nads, of course just messing around - but man it was fun) *the game, not the hoof going there XD Plus the PR ladies were having a great time, they had so much positive energy, it would be tough to walk away without a smile after playing the game.

- Little Big Planet - one grand adventure = Sadly this game had the longest line the entire show, but there was an opportunity I waited on to play the live demo. Plus chat with some of Sony's PR's and the associate producer. There are so many details yet to be unveiled, yet it will be a very compelling game no one should miss.

- Afro Samurai - Quite a surprising title, plus the direction of the game alone is solid. Definitely looking forward to playing this game sometime in the future.

- New Prince of Persia.. Although I did miss the live demo from Saturday night, I asked a few of the Fragdolls, and several reps what they thought of the demo. I received some positive feedback, but also fun conversations.

- FarCry 2 - Amazing (more details at a later date)
- FallOut 3 - long lines = wryyyy! (but heard some positive words regarding the demo at the show)

I have more to share for next time. Later =D   read

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