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Every story has a beginning.. and mine starts with the classic consoles. From Atari, NES, to Gen. Odd how things worked out, from blips to characters sprawling over an open world. Either by pipe or a loop-de-loop. Those times have passed, but still are a part of our gamer hearts.

Well my playlist thus far.. Pitfall, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Earthworm Jim, Mega Man, and many more.. this list could take awhile trust me.

Apart from the D-toid family, I'm also a part of the AllGames Community, and the fun show Distributed Failure http://www.distributedfailure.com/
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Marvel VS Capcom 3 = fun, challenging missions, great roster, variant controls, and music is awesome
That is just a summary of what MVC3 is all about. But its a completely different monster, right after you press the "start" button.

Intro - The opening cutscene is simply stunning, featuring darker texture surrounding every character. (Recall if you will, Street Fighter IV's opening) MVC3's op is on the same level, but exaggerating familiar face's techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. Its not often the opening cutscene delivers such a punch, that you have to pinch yourself just to make sure that you're watching this all unfold on your television.

Menus - Each category is simple to enter, and exit. Offline Mode ( Arcade / VS / Mission(s) )
Mission(s) mode relates to every characters techniques + fighting style. And testing your mastery over cancels + air combos + and more (this may take most of your time, since this opens up with every character you unlock) Plus you are rewarded PP (player points) within every option you decide to play.
These are added to your overall playcount, and can be used for achievements, plus what you might unlock next

++ Versus Mode = "Gonna Take You For a Ride" RMX plays in the background
** turn this baby up! =D

Xbox Live - A neat entry for the VS series, (its still under going construction) I have yet to play a Live match, without my modem giving up on me (lag)

Options - Setup controls, HUD, and your Sound Settings
++ Controls - By default there are two options, Simple and Normal. Simple is setup like CVS2 EO (easy operation) so newbies can get going on the fly!
++ extra note = dynamic = variant themes / classic = character bgm

Extras! - This is the treasure trove right here! Unlock character art, endings, music, etc...
PP will unlock many more options as you continue to play. Plus you can re-watch everything!
And there are some hidden options that have yet to be found. Hmm...

Overall, MVC3 is a sweet addition to any gamers library. For those that have played the VS series, enough said. For newbies, learn and re-learn, join us friends!

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