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kadosho avatar 1:02 PM on 12.03.2009  (server time)
2009 - or the year..

After a long year, most of us would kick back and enjoy several new games.
But for some of us on a budget (been let go of a job, or other) well we just make do.

Recently I dropped by a local GameStop and other retailers. Prices are just a tad bit much on the "wish list", to tell the truth I'm not hyped on anything right now. 2009 for me has been kind of a disappointment.
Sure there's some to look forward to, but right now I'm going to wait this one out.

Gaming this year, that is a difficult one to put down. Honestly, its been rough even keeping up with anything anymore. Nothing is really catching my eye, even though I've read some new articles on Kotaku and Dtoid (and elsewhere). Just nothing has that spark I enjoyed in the first place.

2010 maybe? If so, will there be enough to get over this rough year 09?
Music has been suffering greatly, any song or video (in the mainstream) is a mess. But independent ones I honestly enjoy much more. Artists like BT, Jes, Julien-K, and many others have been more of my listening ears focus.

Music, like games are a mix of entertainment and response. We feel every time we succeed or fail.
And till the end, we may understand if it was worth the journey or not. Lately these days, gaming doesn't have the same meaning a year ago, its always evolving.

Again.. 2010? Promising? I really look forward to when it comes, another day.

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