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Every story has a beginning.. and mine starts with the classic consoles. From Atari, NES, to Gen. Odd how things worked out, from blips to characters sprawling over an open world. Either by pipe or a loop-de-loop. Those times have passed, but still are a part of our gamer hearts.

Well my playlist thus far.. Pitfall, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Earthworm Jim, Mega Man, and many more.. this list could take awhile trust me.

Apart from the D-toid family, I'm also a part of the AllGames Community, and the fun show Distributed Failure http://www.distributedfailure.com/
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12:17 PM on 12.27.2011

Lately I have been catching up on countdown's or "the best of" lists. Plus the award shows garnering acclaim for certain key titles I didn't pay attention towards. Honestly I don't have a "top 10"of my own to share for this year. But two titles I did enjoy picking up were... (drumroll) Sonic Generations, and The King of Fighters XIII.

Sorry I'm not hyped on "the must own game of the year" subtitled game. Just those two titles that have humbled me as a gamer.

First, Generations - Bringing two worlds together, classic and modern. Crazy, yet fun re-imagined levels that we grew up with. Plus a fun soundtrack, mixing together classic tunes and remixes that will keep you humming them for days. *And getting to play Casino Night Pinball. =D

King of Fighters XIII - A completely revamped series, classic KOF gameplay, and it looks gorgeous too! Plus a fun soundtrack, (bonus for those that pre-ordered) a collection of tunes crossing 4 CD's and XIII's OST.) And it totally makes up for XII's missing elements that held it back. Plus a netcode update (coming soon)

With all the titles this year, these two are fun additions to any gamer's library. Sure its not Skyrim, or (insert title here). But hey at least they are worth playing and that's what counts.

5:06 AM on 02.27.2011

Review – Bayonetta
System(s) – PS3 / Xbox360
Produced by: Platinum Games / Hideki Kamiya
Rated – M (for mature)

Torn between two worlds: heaven & earth, angels & demons, limbo is not what it’s cracked up to be. This is where B, our heroine is placed: a world of wonder, history, and darkness. Being one of the “lost witches”, he vows to right the wrongs that have been made onto those in the past. Meanwhile facing enormous odds against those: from upon high, and below. Welcome to a tale, of magic, action, suspense, and mystery unlike any other.

Bayonetta’s tale is told through chapters “Verses”. And as your mission unfolds, you will find lost books that unveil the history of the torn worlds, including: enemies, and bosses encountered, and weaponry.
In-game money is composed of an item called “Halo’s”, the rings that are above the angels’ heads. Gather up enough, and drop by “The Gates of Hell”, and visit with the cheerful shop owner. At the “Gates of Hell”, items for health, weapons, and special moves can be purchased here. Another neat feature within B’s quest is the option of being able to compose mixtures of compounds. Items found within each chapter, can be fused to create health & magic items. Master these well, and you will find a diverse collection of goodies whenever you need them.

Each “Verse” unfolds B’s tale from start to finish, finding old friends, to meeting old enemies from days long ago. Character dialog is given a unique touch, from B’s “sassy” attitude, to Jeanne’s “angst”, and much more. Even the villains you come across have their own personality. From angels, to watchdogs, and a few beasts that dislike a pretty face wanting to make them eat dirt.

Bayonetta’s in-game soundtrack is an: exciting, diverse, energetic, and psychotic. B’s background tunes are just about everywhere, from jazz, rock, to electronica. Plus there are a few hidden Easter egg tracks that are waiting to be found. Depending on the situation surrounding both B & the player, the music will shift to a darker tone until a health item is used. Boss themes are composed of power, and strength, versus the lovely lady’s opposing attitude, which mixes well during boss fights. (Think of Jet Set Radio Future’s song playlist, which shifted during your escapades around town)

Controls within B’s adventure are simply setup, but can be changed whenever the player decides. On the plus side, the controls are timely pressed (for QTE events) which work seamlessly. Plus there is an alternative reaction, for moments such as torture attack, versus boss, and escaping obstacles. (1) Torture Attack = aka “pushing buttons” This mode is active once B has delivered enough damage towards enemies nearby, thus delivering the final blow (or crush, smash, or ripping a black hole to summon an entity). (2) Boss fight(s) – Player versus enemy, the classic finale to every stage. But in this game, some enemies make a comeback, depending on how well B delivers blows. Once a foe’s ass is kicked to bits, the finish is a lovely QTE that involves a descriptive finishing move that requires timed button presses to earn, and receive extra “halos”. (3) Obstacles are a classic platformers’ best friend, or worst enemy. In B’s case, it’s a mix of the two, consisting of monumental getaways (close to Indiana Jones). This mode happens rarely often, but once it’s active get ready to run!! (And watch out for baddies that make your getaway a headache, ignore them and keep going!)

Before we wrap us this review, I must give kudos to a friend of mine, Leigh Alexander. A writer that delivers: knowledge, wit, wisdom, and downright awesome. Leigh introduced me to the game Bayonetta, by way of her writing. Be sure to read some of her diverse works @
(This review is a must read, it may open your mind on how to take a game, not so seriously)

Marvel VS Capcom 3 = fun, challenging missions, great roster, variant controls, and music is awesome
That is just a summary of what MVC3 is all about. But its a completely different monster, right after you press the "start" button.

Intro - The opening cutscene is simply stunning, featuring darker texture surrounding every character. (Recall if you will, Street Fighter IV's opening) MVC3's op is on the same level, but exaggerating familiar face's techniques, strengths, and weaknesses. Its not often the opening cutscene delivers such a punch, that you have to pinch yourself just to make sure that you're watching this all unfold on your television.

Menus - Each category is simple to enter, and exit. Offline Mode ( Arcade / VS / Mission(s) )
Mission(s) mode relates to every characters techniques + fighting style. And testing your mastery over cancels + air combos + and more (this may take most of your time, since this opens up with every character you unlock) Plus you are rewarded PP (player points) within every option you decide to play.
These are added to your overall playcount, and can be used for achievements, plus what you might unlock next

++ Versus Mode = "Gonna Take You For a Ride" RMX plays in the background
** turn this baby up! =D

Xbox Live - A neat entry for the VS series, (its still under going construction) I have yet to play a Live match, without my modem giving up on me (lag)

Options - Setup controls, HUD, and your Sound Settings
++ Controls - By default there are two options, Simple and Normal. Simple is setup like CVS2 EO (easy operation) so newbies can get going on the fly!
++ extra note = dynamic = variant themes / classic = character bgm

Extras! - This is the treasure trove right here! Unlock character art, endings, music, etc...
PP will unlock many more options as you continue to play. Plus you can re-watch everything!
And there are some hidden options that have yet to be found. Hmm...

Overall, MVC3 is a sweet addition to any gamers library. For those that have played the VS series, enough said. For newbies, learn and re-learn, join us friends!

3:58 PM on 02.16.2011

After some penance regarding the rrod, I saved up some cash and had my system promptly repaired. Having it back just barely a week, has been quite humbling. And in turn, put some cash towards a few games I have held back for awhile.. Bayonetta, Super Street Fighter IV, Tomb Raider Underworld, and Marvel VS Capcom 3.

I have to admit, after updating my system, it acts quite differently with the new hub. But having to re-insert games sometimes can be a bit of a bugger. Not an issue really, its just bizarre how formatting changes the way things receive input & data. Honestly I was so used to "insert disc and lets roll!"

Now onto the subject of games.. Bayonetta - I love the fast, and furious action oriented gameplay, and the music can get stuck in your head for days. ("Fly me to the Moon" a remix!? and it works!)

Super Street Fighter IV - I honestly didn't enjoy the first edition, the presentation is even more sweeter here. But I do miss not being able to re-watch character intros & endings. Kinda strange those were taken out (oops too many on the roster). Makes sense now that I think about it. Online? I haven't played too many matches, due to some constraints. Till I found out my cricket modem could obtain Wifi. I may try again this weekend.

Tomb Raider Underworld - I just picked this up today, so I still haven't played it. Will revise later.
*(However I did play Legend, but stll trying to find Anniversary)

Marvel VS Capcom 3 (standard) not CE (that price was insane enough, jeezus Capcom !?) - Likewise with the above note, I will play it eventually! (and online too)
(*Oh, and it came with decals, hmm I like these)

Overall, it feels great to have my 360 running again. =D (and its an 06' model, not the new shiny one)

10:42 AM on 03.06.2010

After many years of my journey in finding a DS, I finally found one. But the quest began sometime ago, as the early DS model is not easy to obtain here in Marana. GS (yes that store) had one available, although used, it was still in very good condition. Sadly one of the top screens holders is cracked, so today I'm out to find some model glue.

That aside, I am now part of the formal DS owning community. And a happy one at that.

Hmm.. I might see if any of the Castlevania entries are still available. I haven't played Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait, or Ecclestia. Which ranks best?

Enjoy the weekend friends.

1:02 PM on 12.03.2009

After a long year, most of us would kick back and enjoy several new games.
But for some of us on a budget (been let go of a job, or other) well we just make do.

Recently I dropped by a local GameStop and other retailers. Prices are just a tad bit much on the "wish list", to tell the truth I'm not hyped on anything right now. 2009 for me has been kind of a disappointment.
Sure there's some to look forward to, but right now I'm going to wait this one out.

Gaming this year, that is a difficult one to put down. Honestly, its been rough even keeping up with anything anymore. Nothing is really catching my eye, even though I've read some new articles on Kotaku and Dtoid (and elsewhere). Just nothing has that spark I enjoyed in the first place.

2010 maybe? If so, will there be enough to get over this rough year 09?
Music has been suffering greatly, any song or video (in the mainstream) is a mess. But independent ones I honestly enjoy much more. Artists like BT, Jes, Julien-K, and many others have been more of my listening ears focus.

Music, like games are a mix of entertainment and response. We feel every time we succeed or fail.
And till the end, we may understand if it was worth the journey or not. Lately these days, gaming doesn't have the same meaning a year ago, its always evolving.

Again.. 2010? Promising? I really look forward to when it comes, another day.