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5 Awesome Game Songs on Floppy Drives


MrSolidSnake745 on YouTube is pretty handy with his MIDIs. This is a collection of Legend of Zelda songs played on eight floppy drives. According to the video description, the respective tunes can be found at these times:

00:02 - Dark World
02:05 - Game Over theme
03:24 - Great Palace
04:33 - Lost Woods
05:37 - Overworld
06:53 - Song of Storms

On an unrelated note, be sure to check out his Game of Thrones theme.

The theme from Mortal Kombat. Anyone remember that... interesting film adaptation from 1995?

How about the Halo theme?

Of course you have to have Super Mario Bros.

And last but best, Guile's theme goes with everything.
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