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juggalotus's blog

9:53 PM on 07.14.2008

Yet Another Craigslist/Super Mario personal!?!?!

So this popped up in the Boise Craigslist personal section. Maybe she could be my wife? :D At least her Mario fantasy is not all kinky like the other Mario Craigslist ad.   read

9:04 PM on 03.31.2008


Yeah. I know a lot of people hate EA. But our PS3, 11 games, Rock Band Guitar adapter and microphone got stolen. I called Harmonix/EA and told them what happened. Some douche came in through our garage window, kicked in the damn door (which was deadbolted) and jacked our 80gb ps3 and stuff (Save the Drum Kit and Guitar for Rock Band, and the game case.) The guy was sympathetic and talked to his supervisor (Quite possibly Superman) and gave authorization to replace the adapter, microphone, and game FOR FREE!!!!!!!!! Thats some crazy stuff right there. They knew we were loyal fans, and they took care of us. So please, everyone, give EA a little credit. Yeah, they do put out some crappy titles, or ones that are sub-par to their next-gen rival (MADDEN! HELLO!!!!) but they will still take care of you if something goes horribly wrong. Oh, and you can find my roomie and I on the PS3. I am FatKidJuggalo and he is Deadeye420. The only game we have right now is COD 4 (Which we bought 4 days before getting robbed) until we get Rock Band soon.   read

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