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josmeister avatar 8:09 AM on 02.01.2012  (server time)
Josmeister VS The Formidable Backlog

And so it came to be that Josmeister, son of Joshua, decideth to take on the Formidable Backlog, for so it had been written, and so it shall be done

As, I suppose, most of you, over the past few years I have been amassing an incredible backlog (about 50 games on Steam, 20 from GOG, many free indie games, 8 Wii titles, and over 10 Xbox games). As opposed to most, who are simply happy to keep on spending without regret, I look over my backlog with a mix of resentment and disgust, wondering at the wonders that lay hidden amidst this awful mass of games.

So, come 2012 I decided I would get rid of the Backlog once and for all. That means not buying any new games until the november season (which I might not pull off,what with Mass Effect 3 and Bioshock right around the bloody corner). I will document my war against the Backlog in this blog post, which I'll update every time I beat a new game (if that is even possible, I don't know).

With all that said, let's begin:

METRO 2033

Platform: PC

Approximate completion time: 10 hours

Difficulty played: Easy

I begun to confront the Backlog with this one, and it turned out to be a huge surprise. On the PC, the graphics simply looked INCREDIBLE (everything maxed out), the attention to detail is immaculate and the lighting might just be the best I've ever seen. The story was pretty good, and most of the characters were pretty likable. The game would have been perfect were it not for the stupid, stupid, stupid AI. Seriously, whoever designed it should be fired and forced to consume Krokodil until all his flesh was gone. Or something like that. The game can be played as a standard FPS though, and is quite a lot of fun as such. For 2,50 on Steam, I feel quite proud of having bought this one.


Platform: 3DS
Approximate completion time: 10 hours
Difficulty played: Standard

I always wanted to play this game as a kid. I remember going to a friend's house and playing the GBA version a lot, but I never got to complete it, so I was overjoyed when I learnt that it would be coming to the 3DS as part of the Ambassador program. Unfortunately, I didn't like it as much as I thought I would, which is a pity. The game itself plays excellently, with almost perfect controls and gorgeous hand drawn graphics. This may seriously be one of the best looking 2D games ever made. The enemies and environments are extremely varied, and it's clear that Miyamoto spilt his brains on this one. However, I felt like the levels themselves were a mixed bag, with the game containing some of the best levels in Mario history, whilst some others were simply a pain in the ass and I would get stuck without knowing where to go. So, basically, this game is, for me, simultaneously the best and the worst of the Mario series.

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