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josmeister's blog

7:19 AM on 07.04.2012

Finesse: A short look at videogames as an artform

Videogames are an artform. For me, that is an indisputable statement. It is not a half-statement or a statement full of those nasty little "exceptions". All videogames are art. Every single one of them. Yes, even that cutesy ...   read

8:09 AM on 02.01.2012

Josmeister VS The Formidable Backlog

And so it came to be that Josmeister, son of Joshua, decideth to take on the Formidable Backlog, for so it had been written, and so it shall be done -Jebbediah As, I suppose, most of you, over the past few years I have bee...   read

9:24 AM on 07.07.2011

Review: Beat Hazard Complete

Beat Hazard was released on September 2009 on XBLA. When I tried the game, I truly wasn't impressed. Having been playing a lot of Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, I was used to some extremely tight twin stick shooter game...   read

5:26 PM on 05.29.2011

Five tips to survive the Witcher 2

The Witcher 2 just released to some pretty incredible critical acclaim. However, if you go to its metacritics page you will find that the game is quite polarizing, with our own Jim Sterling giving it a mere 6 out of 10. The...   read

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