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My relationship with games can be compared to a series of one-night stands. With the occasional no strings attached semi-serious relationship. Call it fear of commitment, or just good old fashioned A.D.D., but for some reason I always have a hard time committing to anything I start. It really bothers me, because I get myself worked up over a game and when Iím nearly half way through, life finds a way to disconnect the power cord and pull me back into the suck fest that is my daily routine, the daunting day and all the priorities attached. Perhaps I donít know how to prioritize, or maybe I get to restless and need a change of pace. What ever the case, now is the time for a revolution.

Iím tired of being just a casual gamer, if I can even call myself that. Itís just the mediocrity of the name and my insatiable thirst for perfection that often goes unquenched. I think if I really devoted myself and cut off the lesser things in life, like homework and personal maintenance, I would have ample time to devote to gaming. Are perfect hair and a 4.0 really that important? The answer is no, especially when you have the capability to escape the weeds of the day and plug yourself into a game where you can exist in your own little fantasy world.

Try to help me out in my hectic transition. Josh will definately be a big help, but everyone else's input means alot as well.

Thanks for welcoming me into this fantastic community, hope to get to know everybody soon!!