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5:40 PM on 09.05.2010

How the final battle in FFVI should be done if remade.

Zeromus' final battle in FFIV was handled pretty well, considering the game was originally in 2D. It made me wonder how FFVI would end up in remade. Here's how I think the final battle with Kefka should go down...

Kefka's Final Battle

In the cutscene before this fight, the player is asked to rank the party members in order of importance. The bottom 4 (or 6, depending if the player has found the secret party members), are removed each tier.

In the first three tiers, there are multiple targets that each have their own amount of HP, but the difference from normal monsters, which vanish, is that the targets simply do not attack, and do not show signs they are out of HP for the purposes of being cinematic, and aren’t selectable to attack. Only when all targets are removed can the player progress to the next tier.

All tiers retain their respective programming from the original version, but with minor tweaks mentioned in each tier’s battle description.

This entire battle is symbolizing the Divine Comedy “Dante’s Inferno,” in which Dante travels through hell, purgatory, heaven, and finally reaching God, who tells him the meaning of life.

Dancing Mad Movement 1 symbolizes Kefka’s lust for destruction and his sadism.
Dancing Mad Movement 2 symbolizes Kefka’s insanity, childishness, and evil.
Dancing Mad Movement 3 symbolizes Kefka’s narcissism, misanthropy, nihilism, and god-complex.
Dancing Mad Movement 4 Part 1 symbolizes Kefka’s epic final battle as the god of magic.
Dancing Mad Movement 4 Part 2 symbolizes Kefka’s last stand, and ironically how his life is ending.

What Dancing Mad Should Be Like


Cutscene:Pre-Battle 1st Form
All party members are standing in blackness. They all look at each other, waiting for something to happen. Kefka's trademark laugh is heard. A giant arm bursts through the floor, Dancing Mad Movement 1 cues. Several party members dodge debris. Kefka's 1st tier form pushes itself out from the ground, but is buried waist deep.

Description: Kefka’s 1st Form
The first form of Kefka is symbolizing Satan entrapped up to his waist. He is supposed to look as demonic as possible. Refer to Chernabog from Disney’s “Fantasia,” except much more lean and muscular.

Description: Hell
The ground is black with lava veins. There is also a light fog.

Battle: Final Kefka 1st Form
Kefka in this form primarily uses physical attacks and physical spells, except a fire spell, symbolizing hellfire. His right and left arms have hp meters, as well as the large figure in the center.

Cutscene:Post-Battle 1st Form
After beating that form, Kefka's 1st form screams, and large tentacles burst out of his back and shoot upwards. The party is at the same level of the top of the tentacles, so it appears the party is moving upwards rapidly.


Cutscene:Pre-Battle 2nd Form
The Tentacles and Party stop, and viewers should notice that the bottom 4 (or more) party members have been removed from the party. The tentacles form a sort of cocoon. A red light breaks as the cocoon opens, and Dancing Mad Movement 2 cues. 5 figures climb out and hang on to a side or limb of theopened cocoon.

Description: Purgatory
The area around the party is as black as Hell, but there are grey clouds around the area. There is no floor, and no ceiling.

Description: Kefka’s 2nd Form
Since this tier represents purgatory, there will be people, beasts, machinery, and since this is Final Fantasy, magic. All five figures mentioned above are Kefka but each one represents something different. One is a human Kefka, but wearing only a loincloth, with undone hair and no makeup, called Power. Another is a metallic Kefka, having Kefka's trademark grin but looking very much like a robot, called Machinery. Another is Kefka but with tiger features, called Tiger. Another one is Kefka, but looks as if magically corrupted, called Magic. The last one is a sinister looking female, called Siren or Witch.

Battle: Final Kefka 2nd Form
Their initial attack is the 5 figures dash out in a blur and forms a perfect square around the party. They create a pentagram around a single character and it's an instakill attack. No matter how many of the figures are killed, this attack is still possible.

Cutscene: Post-Battle 2nd Form
After beating that form, the figures burst into flame (symbolizing purification through purgatory). They flow back into the opened cocoon. It closes, and the cocoon shoots tentacles upwards, similar to the previous tier. The tentacles stop, then shoot outwards, engulfing a large area around the party. A bright flash appears.


Cutscene: Pre-Battle 3rd Form 1
The party opens their eyes, and they realize they are in some sort of cathedral. The bottom 4 have been removed from the party. The camera centers on the pieta on the altar.

Description: Heaven
The cathedral resembles the interior of Notre Dame, except the ceiling is so high it appears endless. There are statues of Kefka in place of the usual church rows. The stained glass windows resemble Kefka as well. There is bright light shining through the windows, as if dawn broke, and from above shining at the altar, we see Michaelangelo's Pieta. Note we do not see the face of Jesus. The background music is similar to a church chorus.

Gameplay: Heaven
Save Point Here, for the sake of reducing redundancy if the player loses.

Cutscene: Pre-Battle 3rd Form 2
When the party approaches the pieta, the choral background fades. Jesus then turns his head towards the party and they see Kefka's face. Both Kefka and the Mary Statue smile devilishly, and Dancing Mad Movement 3 kicks in.

Battle: Final Kefka 3rd Form
Rest starts the battle attacking with Holy. He never uses it again.

Cutscene: Post-Battle 3rd Form
After beating that form, the statue returns to its original state and fades. The Walls of the cathedral shake and move downwards quickly. Catastrophe plays at this point.


Cutscene: Pre-Battle 4th Form
On the semi final double chord of the game’s opening theme, the walls move out of view, and the final area is seen. On the final double chord, Kefka's Lucifer form is slowly descending. His arms are outstretched. He stops once the chord ends. He then says (His voice has a slight echo), "Life, Dreams, Hope, Where do they come from, and where will they go?" He then gives a single chuckle. "Such...meaningless things..." He turns his head towards the party, opens his eyes to reveal them glowing red. "I'll destroy them all!!!!" As soon as Kefka says all, Dancing Mad Movement 4 starts. He then starts laughing and the battle initiates.

There are clouds everywhere, and they are given a yellow hue because of the sun over to the side. But once Kefka loses enough health, The sun becomes darker, and the clouds with it.

Description: Kefka’s 4th Form
This form is a reference to the Angel of Music Lucifer, who fell from heaven and is now called Satan. He has six wings, red eyes, a cloth around his waist.

Battle:Final Kefka 4th Form
As soon as Kefka loses enough health, the scenery changes. Once Kefka loses all of his HP, the music stops, and Kefka slowly disintegrates from the bottom up. Kefka looks down at himself slowly dying, and faces the party. He closes his eyes, and moves his head upwards. Everything disintegrates except for the feather on his head, which floats down slowly.   read

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