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joshhest avatar 6:08 AM on 09.07.2009  (server time)
Joshhest is heeeere!

In theory this is supposed to be my greeting to all you beautiful Dtoiders out there on the interwebs. Instead, it has been hijacked, and with good reason. Don't get all persnickety now, I'll make a proper intro post at some point, but I need a brief detour first.

You see, I just went to PAX.

At the insistence of my good college buddy, Tactix, I packed my bags last week and began my pilgrimage to the gaming Mecca itself for what I thought would be a lovely weekend of relaxation and gaming. It would turn out to be much, much more.

That first night, wandering the mind-blowing rows of cabinets at GameWorks as I met (and hugged!) cool person after cool person I came to a realization: I had found the friends I had been looking for all of my life. I was suddenly sitting smack in the middle of a group of people that I felt immediately and completely comfortable with (think family without all of that icky sappy stuff getting in the way).

Spending time with everybody at the show (and mostly not at the show) I learned that here I'd found an amazing collection of individuals that have passion--real passion--about the very same things that I do.

If you think you might have met me but you're like, "WTF! Who the hell is this Joshhest?", let me know. I'll be the first to admit that I can be a little shy at times and prefer hanging outside of the spotlight and drinking in some sweet, sweet Dtoid vibes.

I'm sure that this awe-inspiring feeling of joyful, granola togetherness has been captured many times in better words than mine, but I wanted to take the moment to say thanks to everyone at Destructoid.

It's good to be home! : )

Signing off,

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