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jorgeill's blog

8:45 PM on 07.01.2015

E3 and the Building Blocks for the REAL Nintendo Land

E3 has gone by and as usual people emotions where all over the place. For some, there was uncontainable excitement for a definitive update on “The Last Guardian”. For others, the “Shenmue 3” Kickstarte...   read

2:23 PM on 09.26.2014

DLC success, a consequence of a spoiler seeking culture?

I am a person whose console of preference generally gravitates to Nintendo. Aside from the nostalgia factor there was always an accelerating feeling of excitement combined with mystery from playing games in their various...   read

8:45 AM on 02.05.2014

The Past: [The Legend of Zelda, Link's Awakening]

I have always wanted to write about the games that really shook me; the interactive experiences that molded a good chunk of my moral code and expanded my view of the world by diversifying it. Games can have such a diverse eff...   read

6:59 PM on 01.29.2013

Vanny Devito The Magic VanMan

Had some free time at work today and decided to practice some speed creative writing, oh God, what is wrong with me!? Hey podtoid gang! Hope you like my tribute Dafoe Movie pitch! Hopefully you see this and maybe find it...   read

7:42 PM on 09.22.2012

Double Dragon, Double Feature, Double Tubular, Double Gnarly. In NEON sir!

The Double Dragon series has always been defined by its simple controls, little to no plot and a fun tried and true beat-‘em-up scheme. Like many old videogames most of the challenge came from learning the enemies attack patt...   read

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