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1:44 AM on 09.07.2010

Learn to Play Sneek Peek

Learn to Play – Sep 17 and 18 2010

This Games / Art show has been my entire life for the last 6 months and will continue being my life for the next 3 months. Please come and love it.

Awesomeness may include but is not limited to:
Learn to Play Opening Preview, Game workshops with Marek Kapolka & Kelsey Higham of SJSU Game Dev, A game challenge on Saturday with awards and the possibility to be curated into the show! Wait What?!!, Conversations with Learn to Play artists, Socks Inc. Live! Are you kidding me? no I’m deadly serious, and um music and light snacks. Yes!

Artists include Andrew Y Ames, Jim Babb of Socks Inc., April Banks, Brenda Brathwaite, Yunan Cao, Terry Cavanagh, Joe DeLappe, David Elliott, Jake Elliott, Mark Essen, Catherine Herdlick, Rod Humble, Molleindustria, Jason Rohrer, Susana Ruiz of Take Action Games, Adam Saltsman, Kelly Santiago and Jenova Chen of thatgamecompany, Jonatan Söderström, Superbrothers, La Mar Williams II, Robert Yang, the City of Cupertino, and more.

All happening at the Euphrat Museum of Art in Cupertino, Ca   read

4:16 PM on 07.07.2010

Learn to Play: Open call to gamersartists

Hey Dtoid!

I am curating a games as art show at the Euphrat Museum of Art in Cupertino, Ca entitled Learn to Play. I got tired of the games aren't art argument so a friend and I decided to curate a museum exhibition of games. We are doing an open call for game like art like things and I am trying to get the word out to any artists / developers / humans out there that think they have the stuff.

John Pierre Bruneau


Open Call:
Deadline: July 31, 2010
Submit to: info [at]

Are you a game maker? Are you telling compelling stories about your life or the world around you? Are you doing interesting things through games and interactivity that cannot be done elsewhere?
If you are telling a story, relaying an experience, or interacting with a player in an innovative or novel way we want to see it. Learn to Play is calling for submissions of work for a new museum show built around games as art. Learn to Play will be opening this fall as parallel programming for the 2010 01SJ Biennial. The theme is “Build your own world.”

What makes a game art? Is it a compelling experience? A story that cannot be told elsewhere?

Learn to Play is an Art Museum exhibition of video, board and social games. This call is to let artists, coders, designers, etc. nominate their work or the work of others.

Why is this happening?

The tools for game design are now ubiquitous, and we know that people are making compelling mini-games and vignettes in addition to full-blown games by indy designers. Our hope is to reach out into the communities and find work from today’s emerging creators.

Who is doing this?

The Euphrat Museum of Art at De Anza College, Cupertino, as parallel programming with the 01SJ Biennial

How do you submit work?

We are working on a submission process that will be posted as the deadline approaches. At this time you can drop us an email at info [at] and we will keep you up to date when our submission system opens. We are happy to screen games that are playable on multiple platforms. Send us the link along with your name and what the game is about.

When are the deadlines?

Our first round of submissions is due July 31.

Learn to Play is about the expression of art and life through games.   read

5:49 PM on 04.11.2010

Event: Mortal Kombat Dance Dance to the Death II!!

Life caught me off guard and after long last I got a moment on this rainy Sunday to dust off the old CBlog. Whats this MKDDR2 event? Well its a Mortal Kombat Dance Dance Revolution mash up. The last battle was amazing and the clamor for another one got to me so here we go again...

On Tuesday, April 20th at 7pm the second grand master tournament of Mortal Kombat Dance Dance to the Death will take place. This is a double elimination tournament. Come early to get in on some practice rounds. The fighting will take place in Room 241 of the Art building on the San Jose State Campus.

Map of SJSU Art Building (the green arrow)

Vids I from the last Battle Royal.


[embed]170683:29012[/embed]   read

3:20 PM on 10.28.2009

mortal kombat dance dance to the death

Yes! its on! (not unlike a barrel wielding gorilla)

Hey Kids,
If you are in the San Jose side of the bay, and looking for some
gaming randomness to do this Thursday,
My friend James and I are putting this little event together
because... why not?

The ddr Mortal Kombat dance off to the death is happening this
Thursday Oct 29 at 6.30pm in the Art building on the San Jose State
campus in room 241.

bring your friends and Fatality! them with your smooth moves.
- John

facebook event page
if you are not familiar with sjsu campus, the art building is here:   read

1:33 AM on 09.15.2009

Building some Dance Dance Warvolucraft

This is our first working experiment with the Dance Dance Revolution pad and World of Warcraft. Of course we are using a warlock, because they are overpowered. Next we are going to usurp some high-tech classroom smartboards and have some duels... providing we can convince the University its all in the name of EDUCATION!


more on my friend's blog   read

5:18 PM on 08.31.2009

San Jose State Game Dev highlight reel

"We have traveled great distances."

Shea, a CS student and I burnt the midnight oil putting together a highlight reel of games made in the last few semesters. The Game Development Club at SJSU puts together student game challenges with themes such as "pong", "platformer", "shmup", "tower defense" and a few that are open to interpretation. We also have highlights from two of our guest speakers Jameson Hsu from Mochi Media and Shannon Posniewski of Cryptic Studios. A lot of our footage was a bit poor but we did what we could. I am a little proud of it so I thought I’d show it off. Enjoy. - John

Music: Tettix - Technology Crisis II


Also, here is a picture of Mega Man shooting Cultural Irrelevance by Marek


2:23 AM on 08.25.2009

Why I ♥ Destructoid

Eventually videogames will replace college and Destructoid will be the syllabus.   read

5:54 PM on 06.10.2009

/hug Opens at Laguna Art Museum!

So let me preference this with a little back-story about my life. Hmmm, how do I say this in a way that makes total sense... I am a member of the only Non-Governmental Aid Organization in Azeroth. We help those in need in war-torn areas much like the read cross helps people on earth. We are known as the 3rd faction, we try to promote peace between horde and alliance on a PVP server. Not an easy task. For the past several months we have performing outreach events around Silicone Valley and Demon Soul. All of these events have now culminated in our big unveiling of /hug at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach California. The exhibit, WoW: Emergent Media Phenomenon, opens this weekend and runs through October 4th. If you are in the SoCal region come check it out. There are a bunch of awesome artists in the exhibition and Laguna will be hosting WoW related art events all month in conjunction with the show. Game culture was a subculture, now we are just becoming culture.

...And now, a message from /hug.

[embed]135726:19979[/embed]   read

12:14 AM on 02.01.2009

M. dot Strange on the internets radio

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I know this is super last minute but M. dot Strange, creator of We Are The Strange will be on blogtalk radio tonight at 11:00.

If you haven’t seen We Are The Strange, you can find it on torrent legally. It is almost unbearable, as it will melt your brain.

[embed]119947:17321[/embed]   read

12:49 AM on 01.30.2009


…Um hey… everybody. I’m a d-toid newb. I’m not really sure how introductions are supposed to work. So Im just going to jump in. I’m a new media artist.
For me this space feels like a good area to collect my thoughts on gaming based arts research. I apologize if anything I post in this blog is old news. I think a lot of times it will be. So again sorry.

I am old. My childhood memories are Atari, NES, SNES based. I remember watching this “report” as a kid and knowing what I was going to be saving up for… for a long time. (seriously, I made like 5 cents a day from my chores)

[embed]119745:17271[/embed]   read

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