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johnpierre's blog

1:44 AM on 09.07.2010

Learn to Play Sneek Peek

Learn to Play Ė Sep 17 and 18 2010 This Games / Art show has been my entire life for the last 6 months and will continue being my life for the next 3 months. Please come and love it. Awesomeness m...   read

4:16 PM on 07.07.2010

Learn to Play: Open call to gamersartists

Hey Dtoid! I am curating a games as art show at the Euphrat Museum of Art in Cupertino, Ca entitled Learn to Play. I got tired of the games aren't art argument so a friend and I decided to curate a museum exhibition of ga...   read

5:49 PM on 04.11.2010

Event: Mortal Kombat Dance Dance to the Death II!!

Life caught me off guard and after long last I got a moment on this rainy Sunday to dust off the old CBlog. Whats this MKDDR2 event? Well its a Mortal Kombat Dance Dance Revolution mash up. The last battle was amazing and t...   read

3:20 PM on 10.28.2009

mortal kombat dance dance to the death

Yes! its on! (not unlike a barrel wielding gorilla) Hey Kids, If you are in the San Jose side of the bay, and looking for some gaming randomness to do this Thursday, My friend James and I are putting this little event toge...   read

1:33 AM on 09.15.2009

Building some Dance Dance Warvolucraft

This is our first working experiment with the Dance Dance Revolution pad and World of Warcraft. Of course we are using a warlock, because they are overpowered. Next we are going to usurp some high-tech classroom smartboards and have some duels... providing we can convince the University its all in the name of EDUCATION! more on my friend's blog   read

5:18 PM on 08.31.2009

San Jose State Game Dev highlight reel

"We have traveled great distances." Shea, a CS student and I burnt the midnight oil putting together a highlight reel of games made in the last few semesters. The Game Development Club at SJSU puts together student game cha...   read

2:23 AM on 08.25.2009

Why I ♥ Destructoid

Eventually videogames will replace college and Destructoid will be the syllabus.   read

5:54 PM on 06.10.2009

/hug Opens at Laguna Art Museum!

So let me preference this with a little back-story about my life. Hmmm, how do I say this in a way that makes total sense... I am a member of the only Non-Governmental Aid Organization in Azeroth. We help those in need in w...   read

12:14 AM on 02.01.2009

M. dot Strange on the internets radio

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I know this is super last minute but M. dot Strange, creator of We Are The Strange will be on blogtalk radio tonight at 11:00. If you havenít seen We Are The Strange, you can find it on torrent legally. It is almost unbearable, as it will melt your brain.   read

12:49 AM on 01.30.2009


ÖUm heyÖ everybody. Iím a d-toid newb. Iím not really sure how introductions are supposed to work. So Im just going to jump in. Iím a new media artist. For me this space feels like a good area to collect my thoughts on gaming...   read

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