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E3: The game [CONTEST] reminder + Update

If you havent played yet you can still play!!! To play: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/jkh13/e3-the-game-contest--95108.phtml Read the rules carefully before choosing your choices, have fun! The Microsoft presser has ...


E3: The game [CONTEST]

reposted as I forgot to put contest in the title, if you already put your choices down you don't have to put them down again. Introduction: Okay, this is a game about E3, basically you choose what predictions you think wi...


E3: The game

Introduction: Okay, this is a game about E3, basically you choose what predictions you think will come true during E3 2008 and the person who is most accurate wins. The rules: 1. A person may select 1 choice from each ca...


Gaming haul for this month

This is from the release of MGS4 till now. As you can see I might have gone a little MGS4 crazy during the past month, luckily I didn't succumb to ebay and buy things for extortionate prices like the guy that decided it was ...


Metal gear solid: retarded snake

I posted this video in a previous C-blog before but I have now made it bigger and better!!! I present: Metal gear solid: retarded snake!! Description: An epic retelling of the unique narrative styles used throughout the M...


Treyarch calls Brothers in Arms a crap game.

http://www.eurogamer.net/tv_video.php?playlist_id=11656 you can watch the whole video if you want but it basically boils down to: 1) The new COD is AMAZING 2) It is very cinematic OMG CINEMATIC!! 3) Gearbox makes crappy gam...


Metal Gear Spore

A new metal gear is born! I created this using the spore creature creator but for some reason spore seems to think my creature is shit and its got pretty shitty stats, the game is obviously broken when it doesn't r...


MGS4 is f*cking imba

NO SPOILERS IN THIS POST I recieved my MGS4 LE in the post this morning (at the untimely hour of 5 in the morning >.<). First things first, the game came in a smaller box than I expected. I ripped open the packaging an...


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