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jkh13 avatar 11:36 AM on 10.25.2008  (server time)
Video games live = AWESOME

Last night I went to an epic video game event, I went to see VGL in London. The atmosphere was intense and it was unlike any music concert I have ever gone to before, loads of gamers inside jokes throughout, funny pictochats during the intermission and all out awesome music. The crowd really added to the whole experience, despite the fact it was a full ensemble ochestra and choir playing, the whole thing felt like a rock concert with fans screaming out, cheering and saying funny things (more on that later).

These were my favourite bits from the show:

1) MGS - I am a sucker for music from MGS so this one was a no-brainer for me. Very epic and funny stage show as well.

2) Zelda + Mario - Classic tunes from classic games.

3) Diablo III - I <3 Blizzard, truly EPIC music from Diablo III.

4) One winged angel - I don't particularly like this song at all, I thought it was overated when I played through FF7 2 years ago but VGL proved me wrong, they played a rock version of it and it ROCKED, truly epic.

5) Funny banter throughout the show.

At the end of the show they were about to play an encore and they started giving hints what it was going to be, Squaresoft game, Nobuo Uematsu as composer, really popular game. Then someone shouts out from the crowd "LOST VIKINGS!!! YEEAAAAHHH!!!!".

At the beginning of the show John Ricotello was going on about the cultural importance of videogames, this is an excerpt from part of that speech:

(John) Some people think Video games are the cause of violence!
(crowd) Booo!!!
(John) I mean how ridiculous is that!
(some random dude) YEAH LETS KILL THOSE FUCKERS!!!

There were only 3 (minor) disapointments from the show:

1) The Halo suite was a bit meh, I was really looking foward to it because I love the music from Halo but they drowned out the strings (the most important part) by making the electric guitar way too loud.

2) Everquest II music was a bit meh

3) It ended.

I would recommend EVERYONE to go to VGL if they can, it is truly an awesome experience you shouldn't miss.

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