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11:31 PM on 09.14.2010 // jkh13
Valkyria Chronicles 3 confirmed on PSP... FUUUUU!!!!

Latest famitsu has an interview with the devs, confirmed its going to be on the PSP again as they don't have the time to develop it on PS3 apparentely. It is going to be set in the same period as VC1 dealing with another group of soldiers. I won't post the scans but I they are easy enough to find on the internet. Seeing as VC2 has pretty much bombed outside JP due to the platform choice (who even buys PSP games outside Japan?), it seems unlikely that VC3 will get localised for some time :(.

Another example of Sega FAIL this generation.

P.s. The new Yakuza is going to be a zombie game?? WTF SEGA
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