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jkh13 avatar 8:07 PM on 12.07.2008  (server time)
Valkyria Chronicles 19.99 @ Gamestation.

I heard about this deal on friday and due to recommendation from others, decided to go out to get it yesterday, the deal is in-store only as the game isn't even listed on the website. Phoned up Gamestation and managed to reserve the last copy of it in that store, travelled for 50 minutes across London to pick it up. It seems the stores are not stocking alot of copies of it (it's unlikely there was only 1 copy left due to high demand).

Lugged my PS3 to Uni just to play it (also to replace my RROD 360 :(). This is actually the first SRPG I have ever played and also the 3rd game I have ever bought without playing it beforehand or playing its predecessor, so I wasn't sure I would like it that much (especially as I am not that big on JRPGs). Luckily enough I am enjoying it so far although it seems to have a bit of a Metal gear Solid syndrome (way too much exposition), I have just selected my squad and am about to play the first proper mission.

p.s. Do not go to Gamestation Camden town London, it's sold out there as I got the last copy :).

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