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jkh13 avatar 10:31 AM on 08.20.2008  (server time)
Operation flashpoint 2 - gameplay + interview

The first real gameplay footage of OFP2 has been shown at the Liepzig GC2008.


The graphics are nice, much better than Arma and what I have seen of Arma2 as well. It looks like they were playing the console version as well so the PC version will probably be even better.

AI sounds very advanced which is promising, the AI in OFP1 was already very good so this bodes well.

No freelook, one of the best features of OFP1 was the freeaim which made you feel like you were properly holding the gun. I am disapointed they decided to get rid of it.

No action shown in the video. Only some dudes milling around.

4 player co-op. This is bullshit, OFP1 handled 64 player co-op out of the box and this number went to over 100 with mods and addons. Arma supports even more. 4 people is not even a complete squad of men. I would have liked to see at least 64 player co-op and 100 player multiplayer for some epic PVP battles. Instead we are limited to 4 player co-op with 32 player multiplayer (2 and 16 for consoles), this isn't COD4, OFP deserves more players :(.

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