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7:09 PM on 03.14.2012

Zombie Apocalypse - Whats your theme song?

I got this from facebook and i snagged from my sister's ever-so-cluttered-with-posts wall. And this one just cracked me up...erm...most of her posts do *confession guilt* ..Read belooowww (impression copied from RayWilliamJ)


Put your media play of choice on shuffle

The first song is the overall theme for the Apocalypse - Just in Love by Joe Jonas (WTF -.- )

The second song is the one that plays during your first zombie kill - New Divide by Linkin Park (WOOOHOO Like a boss )

The third song plays while you're getting chased by a Horde - Sk8r Boy by avril lavigne (XD i can imagine it )

The Fourth song plays when you are forced to kill your loved one - Till I Forget About You by Big Time Rush (NICE perfectto ^^)

The fifth song plays when you meet your love interest - Island in the Sun by Weezer (Damn um loving this now >:D )

The sixth song plays when you (think you) make it through it all - I'd Come for You by Nickelback

The eigth song plays when you discover a zombie bite on you - Jerk it Out by The Caesers (#$%^&* WHYYYY )

***************   read

8:34 PM on 01.02.2012

This, That or Which!

This is where i try to figure out on what to play or not to play from all that stack of games installed into the laptop. There's mostly rpg and due to a lack of mouse (*frustrated*) i couldnt be a proud honour of first person shooter games. Yeah bleh whatever.

There's Dragon Age, Witcher 2 and Skyrim as my option. And for some reason i cant remember the others...well theres sim 3 with all the expansions , Limbo, Diablo? Egh too lazy to go into the abyss of thoughts.

I cant enjoy Dragon Age anymore. Just cant.
Dragon Age 2 was somehow more worth playing for some reason.
But on the contrary i prolly hold a tiny grudge against DA is coz i am stuck in the Deep Roads in Orzammer. So with heavy guilt i google for the walkthrough after many unsuccessful attempts on completing this mission (okay alright just after 5 attempts..bleh .i am a very impatient person). Still zoned out after reading and watching all those solutions. I guess i am about above the level of messed up coz i cant think straight. So DA i will finish you off after i catch up with my cool.

Witcher 2?
It issss kinda hard to get around init when your equipped with just a touch pad instead of a answer-to-all-games Mouse.
Sooo saving this for a better later.

Skyrim's the only one i have been playing plenty. Cmon you gotta admit its awesomeoness. Open-World and a bit realism added into it...Its perfect for playing when your moods off or something.
Yeah though its all great and all, i cant get hooked into it again, for like 10 hours when i got other more important stuffs to take care of. Not gonna take that risk again.

Oh what the heck, i am bored....Skyrim it is.   read

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