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jetpacksheep avatar 8:51 AM on 01.21.2013  (server time)
The Best Special/Collectors editions of 2012 Part 1

2012 was a big year for digital distribution, Steam had a surge in users and mobile app stores are full of quality titles now. Retail fought back however, with a slew of special editions packed full of physical and (ironically) digital goodies for gamers to get their mitts on, In three parts I'll be taking a look at the three standout packages of the past year.

Far Cry 3 - Insane Edition

Although a little late to the 2012 party Far Cry 3 didn't disappoint, with its vast open world and freedom, coupled with a fairly dark story focusing on insanity. It seems only right to dub the special edition as "insane" itself.

What you get for your hard earned pennies ends up being quite a bundle for a relatively low price. The highlight of the box being the Vaas hula bobble-head, standing just under 5 inches tall and featuring the psychopathic villain's head inexplicably placed on a hula girl's body. The concept works and ends up being a nice little collectible with plenty detail. Another stand out feature is the inclusion of the "Face your insanity" guide, a 47 page (not including note pages) booklet of mostly humorous tips and tricks to jungle survival. One page even features a guide to hypnotising a chicken. The book is well made with a faux animal skin texture to the cover and rough pages, the whole book actually comes crumpled and battered out of the box to give it a used and old feeling. The last physical treat you get is the ammo pouch style packaging to hold the game and guide in. The game's logo is stitched onto the front and even the metal buttons to pin the case together have "Far Cry 3" hammered into them. Everything comes neatly placed in a bright, artwork laden box with a nice little trick: The box features Vaas pointing downwards towards the figure in a clear window, but the face is obscured by the packaging. lift up the flap and you'll see Vaas' head on the hula figure for those who weren't expecting it.

Digital content is also generous with five DLC packs included. Monkey Business features four new single player missions with new character Hurk and two multi-player "end of match sequences". The Lost Expeditions is another 2 single player missions titled "Forgotten Experiment" and "Ignition in the Deep" as well as a WW2 flare gun to use in multi-player. The Warrior Pack - two tribal tattoos and a hand crafted dagger for SP and early access to the "tattoo editor" in MP. The Hunter Pack - A fully equipped M-700 hunting rifle with 2 skins, and finally The Predator Pack, a collection of three rare animals to hunt with the predator bow. It's worth noting that there is also a trial key for Shootmaina Storm and some items/cash for Ghost Recon Online.

Everything included makes this a great value special edition, especially on PC with prices significantly lower than console versions. If you haven't yet got your hands on Far Cry 3, this edition is an interesting proposition if available.

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