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Resident Evil 6 Pre-order bonuses on Steam

by jetpacksheep   //   4:11 PM on 02.20.2013

Despite a mixed set of reviews Resident Evil 6, which launched late last year, is on its way to PC. This version of the game has been touted by the developers as the best PC version of a Resident Evil game ever, leaving behind the horrors (no pun intended) of earlier RE games on the platform. The game is launching at a budget price lower than the average retail title with a physical release as well as digital distribution. Pre-ordering the game through Steam however just got a lot more interesting with a serious mound of goodies to get your hands on.

Steam's Pre-purchase rewards have featured alongside select games just before release, offering three tiers of rewards as pre-orders roll in. The more orders, the more rewards.

The first reward tier will net you both a digital soundtrack to the game and Resident Evil 6 Artworks: Creature Design digital art book (Unlocked)

The second reward will get you everything mentioned previously plus a free copy of Resident Evil 5 on Steam. If you already own RE5 you can gift it to a friend, or anyone you feel deserves some free Resident Evil lovin'. (Unlocked)

The final tier will get you everything and a Season pass for all the DLC, including all the multiplayer modes set for release: Survivor, Predator, Onslaught and Siege. Currently there is still a final push to make for this reward level but with the time available it seems likely pre-orders will reach the threshold.

All this plus the main game is going for a rather good 19.99 until release on Steam. If digital isn't your thing U.K retailer ShopTo has the physical retail version for a smaller 13.85 without all the extras. Look out for Resident Evil 6 on PC March 23rd.Photo Photo Photo view gallery
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