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jestarinc's blog

8:01 PM on 01.13.2009

The Wii: A Successful Failure

Ahh, the Wii... Current market leader, widening the market immensely with its minimalist charm and motion controls. But, yet, for those who are deeply passionate about interactive entertainment are quite apathetic, nay, dis...   read

5:51 AM on 11.17.2008

Have a Dtoid stencil!

I know my last post was about my graffiti exploits at college, but since getting the actual stencil was such a bitch to get up (thank you Apple!), I have decided to make another post solely for the purpose of posting the JPEG...   read

4:54 AM on 11.12.2008

UPDATE: Tagging it Dtoid Style (plus a shout-out to my QANTM comrades!)

Note: This blog has been delayed somewhat, due to my neglect. My apologies - Mitch Around a month or two ago, I was commissioned by my Design lecturer at college to design a stencil using Illustrator (was fun! *cough*). So...   read

6:36 AM on 09.08.2008

The Shortcomings of Narrative-Driven Games (And What Can Be Done About It)

Ever since interactive entertainment became reality, game developers and publishers have, mostly, tried to reason the existence of the game experience through story and plot. Yes, many of these plots never made any sense (...   read

5:50 AM on 08.04.2008

Follow-Up: Tom Crago Speaks Up About The R Rating Issue and The Horror That Was The Q&A Gaming Discussion

Some might recall my last blog post about my disgust about the lack of knowledge and respect towards the gaming industry, especially on the lack of an R18+ rating (which many of you shared my outrage). I made special mentio...   read

7:20 PM on 07.25.2008

It's worse than we thought (or how Australian politicians have no F*$#ing idea about the importance of an R 18+ rating)

Above is a snippet from the latest episode from a new show on ABC1 called Q & A, where the audience ask questions to politicians and journalists about issues that concern them for Australia and its interests. Joab Gilroy,...   read

2:17 AM on 07.02.2008

I do not understand the PS3's success of late...

Note: Mitch makes blog for the first time in a bajillion years (7 months really) Ever since my mind has been exposed to the Internet, my views towards console gaming has been agnostic. Apart from the Dreamcast (which I cou...   read

9:14 PM on 11.05.2007

The Rape of Australia (or, the Price of Gaming Down Under)

Ahh, Australia. The Lucky Country. We seem to have the best beaches, cities, animals and obnoxious personalities. However, we aren't lucky with every thing... Especially when it comes to games. Sure, we're the annoying ni...   read

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