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So, here I am. I actually joined up. I logged in, and now I'm no longer (literally) looking over Jacob's shoulder to see what's going down around here.

My name is Jess, I'm 18, I live in Adelaide, Australia, and I can't honestly say I'm that into games (the only game I've ever completely completed at least once is Pokémon Blue) but I do have a rather good understanding of the culture and I've been listening to Podtoid for a while.

Now, onto my actual gaming feats. If you can call them that...

I am currently doing my first ever play through of Ocarina of Time (for N64, but on the Wii, with a GameCube controller).

I frequent SingStar only because I can sing, and I love getting drunk. Karaoke and getting drunk goes hand in hand, I believe.

As a kid my family had both the N64 and the PS2. On the N64 I loved playing Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart (but who doesn't?), James Bond Golden Eye etc.~ On the PS2, well, lets just say I'm partial to games like Burnout, Juiced, Grand Theft Auto, oh, and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 etc. Anything multi-player that I could play with my brother and sister, I guess.

I have played Halo, and I do have an Xbox 360, with Live but I haven't really had a chance to set up my own account on there yet (I share it with my younger brother, who is ALWAYS playing COD).

OH! And I've been in a photo with Toon Link, for realz. In my opinion it's definitely a gaming achievement.

Have I dug myself into a hole? Was that a good introduction post?

Eh, well, I'm here now. And I think I'll stick around. From what I've seen lurking the forums so far you're all a super good bunch.

Wishing you love, for loves sake.~

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