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one of the dirty little secrets

today i am going to confess a little secret of mine. I love iCarly i don't know why, but everytime the show comes on i have to watch it. take the episode that prompted this rant: i just watched carly's older brother s...



i have some deserved time off coming up. it was originally time set aside for another trip, but things change. so.... i need to find something to do the majority of the last week in july. i wanted to goto vegas, but that ...


long time no see.

first and foremost, my last post drove a like minded individual to create a dtoid account just to send me kind words. he sent it ages ago, so i am afraid that i missed my chance to talk with him. if anyone knows tpwellingto...


i'm not dead.........yet.

ooh, everything is so pretty and new. lots of neat additions. me likey. i was really just posting to say that i miss you guys, i am not dead.....yet [although 50 hour work weeks make me feel dead] and i want to attend a shitty movie night if they still happen. well ta ta for now. and remember somebody loves you, but someone else loves you only for your body. [: END OF LINE


Everyday Shooter Advice

I bought everday shooter the day it dropped and have loved every minute of it. now i'm not saying i'm any sort of uber god at it, but i have a tip for those that might be struggling. get the points to were you can buy the s...


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