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jerrt's blog

6:40 PM on 07.20.2008

one of the dirty little secrets

today i am going to confess a little secret of mine. I love iCarly i don't know why, but everytime the show comes on i have to watch it. take the episode that prompted this rant: i just watched carly's older brother s...   read

1:18 PM on 07.18.2008


i have some deserved time off coming up. it was originally time set aside for another trip, but things change. so.... i need to find something to do the majority of the last week in july. i wanted to goto vegas, but that ...   read

9:08 PM on 07.12.2008

long time no see.

first and foremost, my last post drove a like minded individual to create a dtoid account just to send me kind words. he sent it ages ago, so i am afraid that i missed my chance to talk with him. if anyone knows tpwellingto...   read

9:39 PM on 02.20.2008

i'm not dead.........yet.

ooh, everything is so pretty and new. lots of neat additions. me likey. i was really just posting to say that i miss you guys, i am not dead.....yet [although 50 hour work weeks make me feel dead] and i want to attend a shitty movie night if they still happen. well ta ta for now. and remember somebody loves you, but someone else loves you only for your body. [: END OF LINE   read

2:53 AM on 10.22.2007

Everyday Shooter Advice

I bought everday shooter the day it dropped and have loved every minute of it. now i'm not saying i'm any sort of uber god at it, but i have a tip for those that might be struggling. get the points to were you can buy the s...   read

1:59 PM on 09.26.2007 : tip on linking to pictures without hotlinking

the jack thompson post was filled with image shack failure [the fault is imageshack, not its users] something i was informed about should really help anyone who can't get a image to show up on forums or cblogs because of hot...   read

12:55 PM on 09.25.2007

Sick joke: clean in words, not in concept, super "don't visit the fourms much" edition

SJ:CIW,NIC,S"DVTFM"E [yes, i know the 'editions' crap is old, but it makes me happy so deal with it. [: ] i've been working on finding sick jokes ever since i heard the current 'winner' told to me. i posted this in the ...   read

12:37 PM on 09.24.2007

Weng Weng Rap: if you haven't seen it stop by for a listen.

over the weekend a friend of mine showed me this hilarious video. I had never run across it here, so i figured i would share to the dtoid fam. enjoy! [: i so need to find the original movie the video is from. it looks hilarious. END OF LINE   read

11:58 AM on 09.24.2007

News To Me: Has anyone looked at the google interface language options?

if you haven't, i'll give you a look. it worked out wonderfully that the few i wanted to point out were colored different because i had clicked on them. [the yiddish one doesn't fit my pattern, i just wanted to see what it...   read

11:55 AM on 09.20.2007

I'm talking about Brain Games Again, but this time i brough real video! [:

well i managed to dump one of the vob files from the poor dvd copy that i have. i'm working on piecing together and converting the second part. even after converted the video [which runs almost 42 minutes long] was pretty b...   read

4:48 PM on 09.19.2007

Remember "Brain Games"? A series of educational shorts on HBO

When i was a young lad, we had cable. [had it from birth till 5 then never lived in a house with cable until i was 20] i use to love fraggle rock and my mother would tape it for me. watching back at those tapes [something ...   read

12:30 PM on 09.19.2007

People never cease to amaze me with their stupidity.

i work for a college helping students who are interested finding out information about the school through setting up meeting times to have them visit. most of my job is calling people to find out their interests and finding ...   read

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