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personal note time.

about 2 weeks ago my favorite, personally owned, car of all time had a main structural piece rust through. i tried for a week to find a replacement piece, but finding anything that major for a 1988 honda civic WAGON 4WD is a...


The Wachoski Brothers No Longer Brothers.

They are brother and sister! This isn't totally game news, but it was news to me, and they were in the news just a few days ago. i'm not much to pay attention to celebrity blogs, but this one makes me laugh so i catch it fr...


God Of War Banner Entry : inquire within.....

Finally it has been finished. With the wonderful help of my fiance's brother I have a God Of War themed banner to add to the contest. My only question goes out to the head robot and his minions: does it count? post in the comments so I know that it meets certification. Oh and if i win "benji" gets the ps3. he doesn't have one yet and would love to have one. END OF LINE


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