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I am a big Rockstar/GTA fan.  Loved the series since playing 1 on pc, all the way through getting mildly frustrated on GTA London. Again, pc'd my way through the first 3d version of the series, GTA III.  Dedicated my console love with Vice City when I bought a PS2 just for it, years after it originally released.  [And we all know I love Sony.]  Went back to the pc version of GTA III just for the mods and mayhem, then went with Carl to a magical place of Gangsters and free roam. Another killer sound track in the bucket! Oh and I burned out several psp's reliving many of my favorite places on digital earth. [Vice City stories: you will always hold a special place in my heart.]

I even waited outside of a Gamestop Just to get the collectors edition of IV...

****Screech*** [Tires leaving more than heat on the road....]

I was hyped for 4.  I was.  Then I played it and I had to admit it was ok.  San Andreas, we have all talked about, it was not.  But on the wake of a game that even after feeling slightly left down by the hype machine last time, I feel hyped again for things to come but mostly I want to say this:

I have grown to appreciate what 4 was in the series.

In an urge to play 5 I am getting a fresh start on IV and I am realizing it was the stepping stone to what kept one of our favorite and most revered series alive.  In the wake of many things both real and imagined threatening our daily lives it is nice to see we can still have our fun.  Even when it might have not been what we wanted exactly in the end.  Now allowing for what looks to be the Pičce de résistance from Rockstar in their story telling endeavors to be here, now; it accomplished.

It stands alone, yet along with Red Dead Redemption, as part of this build up to Rockstar making something memorable for more reasons than violence and misinterpretation.  Learning multiplayer here and there. Learning what made the story; what drove a player to reach for the 100% mark.


Remembering they used to entertain like crazy with top down, sprite driven graphics and answering why can't we do it now but it much greater glory and depth.

I haven't played 5.  I am just another viewer on the outside sucking in every piece of news and content about this upcoming game.  Not feeling used, but fueled by the hype machine Rockstar is driving full speed down my neighborhood street.

Its not for everyone.  I am not stupid.  I have lived long enough to know that with over 7 billion people on this earth, not everything is for everyone.  I don't care.  I just care that this is going to happen and that I hope I feel this way again for other games.  I am a gamer and I am reading to take it back for Grove Street.


in honor of the above mentioned things and the fact that i said i would write more and the fact that i am off today....... you guessed it! you get to hear from me! [:

well i have always been a fan of numbers. the sequences they create can be scary, funny, or just down right beautifully amazing. from fractals that please the eye, to exam papers that hurt the brain numbers are a central point in our universe and today is 9-9-09. now to be fair i'm more of an 11:11 kinda guy [have i written about that here?....] but a story i heard yesturday that applies to today has to be told. today, somewhere a customers little kid will turn 9... that is right 9 on 9-9-09. now if that end of days movie with Arnold is correct this kid might be the next antichrist, but that aside i think it was cool.

Next, Happy birthday dreamcast! this is mine with some custom light mods!!

oh how i wish i had more time to spend doing custom game console mods.

but anyway, that console really did change the way we saw gaming and was ahead of its time which i believe is showed in the fact that a few brave artists still make games for it. long live the memories of 4 player matches and soul caliber fights. i still remember getting in trouble [in college mind you, years after the dreamcast was canceled] for playing the sonic the hedgehog mini game on my dream cast vmu [which also got some custom leds i might add. sorry no pic] thank you sega for doing what you did to help make this passion what we know it as today. also, thanks for sticking around at least in the software world. i am not sure what we would do without you. [:

finally, happy birthday nerf. I have always been a fan of the elaborateness nerf puts into shooting your friends safely. take for example my latest and greatest catch..... check out this moster!

its belt fed, shoots 3 rounds a second, and if i ever get her straightened out i am sure that it would be the greatest safe-to-shoot-at-your-friends gun the world has ever seen. [next to what i hope will be the nerf gatlin gun. (drool......)] Happy birthday nerf keep up the good work of proving that guns [well your guns] can be safe, except for the occasional eye lose. [:

well enough about the day: to catch up from a previous post. my new slim is working great. because i backed up all the data from my original ps3 it wouldn't transfer my games to my new ps3. everything else transfered; pictures, saves, themes wallpapers, et cetera, just not my actual downloaded games. thank you sony store for the history list which allowed me to set up everything to download although i did find out there is a limit to the amount you can have queued at once. [: my 120 gig from the slim works great in my classic 60 and yes the restore to it restored my games to their rightful place on the original machine. i can now rock one for folding while i rock the other for batman arkham asyum.

Batman is a good old fashioned time that i have heard from several people is the best comic to game adaptation ever seen. i mean it for real when i say i feel like batman. sometimes i feel like the controls are a little wonky, but you have to deal with the "context sensitivity" [who here remembers the beginning of conkers bad fur day. [; ] of the crouching and climbing, or crouching and opening, or climbing over railings. [tip: double pressing "x" against a railing to climb over only rolls you into it ultimetly resulting in you either looking silly or getting riddled [no pun intended] with bullets. if you want to climb over or down, remember it is one press of the "x"]

Batman deserves all the praise that it gets. it looks great, plays wonderfully, and really draws you into the batman world. even if you have never been into batman, it is a rousing good time in the beat down arena. those theif/splinter cell/metal gear solid fans will even find some enjoyment in the sneaking around batman does as he swoops down and delivers justice from above, or below, or with the batclaw or batarang... or pretty much how ever he wants because he is batman and bad ass. [:

a solid BUY in my book! [and i don't ever say that]

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well i don't think anyone read my last post but i decided that i would turn a $100 game into a $400 game and just get a second ps3: A ps3 slim. [note to sony, this is me buying into the vip access i was talking about i suppose [: ]

it is much smaller, much lighter, and a bit quiter than the last. i am actually in the process of getting it setup right now. i figured i could just swap my 500 gig hdd from my first ps3 and drop it into my new ps3 no problem. [ha ha ha wrong] but its the little things that bring me closer.

after a few hdd swaps, i am in the process of currently backing up my old ps3 to my ipod. the weird thing was that when i put the original 120 gig back in the ps3 slim and turned it on it didn't start up like i expected it to the first real time. it said i needed to get an update about 2.7 something on a removable media device and insert it into a card reader and force an install of update information. it just got done updating so we shall see how things go. i am probably going to get down on some arkham asylum while the backup on the other unit is happening. I have a rather dark unboxing video i might upload, but for now i will let things rest until tomorrow when i can update everyone on the backup and restore happenings hopefully by tomorrow i will have a 500gig ps3 slim and a 120 gig original 60 gig.

wish me luck folks, this stuff could get hairy.


first what some of you might actually read. [:

got a chance to revisit a wonderful classic in American cinema Hot Shots that movie is as funny today as the first ten times i saw it. the wonderful jokes, toppers suprise flying, starter cameos for many big names, and my best part; recipes in the credits, lists of things to do after the movies. how cool is that! so do yourself a favor and go watch at least the first of this amazing set of films

Well, i haven't been online in a while. well that's a lie. i have been online but never for long enough to write on the blog. i get the news through the reader so don't worry guys i am reading. [:

Large job changes, relationship woahs, car problems like no man should have to go through, and 2 moves have kept me from being real active. i find this amazing comfort however in logging into dtoid and seeing my profile comfortably looking back at me with a lit cigar zapping its troubles away.

Things have been busy in the gaming world i have not been blind. working in retail, dealing a bit in video games, i have been able to enjoy some fun games experiences during my hibernation. Horde on gears 2 is amazingly good fun. [but oh so difficult at times] left for dead and halo 3 are always a good times. Resistance 2 was a beautiful piece of video game work that was fun for a twice through which is something i rarely grant a game considering i barely ever finish them. Killzone 2 has turned itself into a real good time for me as i run through shooting it up. I could go on but i will save that for another time. maybe force myself to write again. [: ooh! and Batman Arkham Asylum is a must play. too bad i can't play mine at home.... getting me to a complaint.

[note: i don't like to use this wonderful place as a soap box, but i'll be damned if it isn't the only one i got so i am going to splurge.]

i have a launch ps3 that has been my baby since i brought it home. [heck i preordered it almost two and a half years before release] after a year i noticed that newer games that i was purchasing would show graphical errors. nothing major; texture washing and flashing, object tearing to extreme outer levels of the screens. All my games were playable although it was lucky that i didn't get gtaiv just for my ps3. [thanks t.] because it wasn't playable until an update almost two months later and still had graphical errors.

Finally, Spryo started the chain. would choke almost right before every checkpoint. a no go. and i even tested in on another, newer ps3 and it worked flawless. fast forward a little bit, mirrors edges is the one that really ground my gears but my biggest gripe is my most recent purchase Batman arkham asylum and my future worry about god of war III. the weirdest part in all of this is that killzone 2 plays flawlessly, how can that be if my problem is purely hardware?????

the point. i sure as heck don't have a warranty from sony nor is my extended warranty any good. the biggest concern in either case was the worry that if i sent it for repair i wouldn't get a true original 60 gig. i am a purest in the sense that if i was psyched up something so that i can have my best chance at snatching the best one i don't want to ruin that risk on a technicality. and besides the problems didn't occur real bad till after both warranties faulted.

now, i don't have all the connections in the world, but i am a vary visted individual and i know of no one personally that can fix my whoes, and my only cry is out to sony.

i have been a faithful supporter of yours since my early childhood. i have recounted many times how one of your cd players survived a car crash and a night in the rain to keep playing today. that moment i was sold on the quality i could expect from you. ever since then i have helped sell your products, although never in a direct capacity, to friends and family and customers alike. i have a sony tv, sony dvd burner, multiple of multiple playstation consoles, some of which i have even used for more artful endeavors

i have sony cameras, camcorders, micro recorders, psp which i am trying to find my second, and now apparently a second ps3.

is there no hope for me. I'll buy my way into some exclusive club to get vip after warranty ps3 work done that would not only fix my problem but would hopefully figure out why this happened for others that i have read with the same problem. sony, i can only help you help yourself.

well enough of that, time to travel. have a good night everyone and keep watching. [:

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