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jenkins1012 avatar 10:11 PM on 06.07.2008  (server time)
Damn you, Metal Gear Solid 4

This is all your fault!

So, as I'm sure most of you know. There's this little game coming out next week called Metal Gear Solid 4. And up until this point I have resisted the urge to buy it. Now, it's not because I don't like the Metal Gear Solid series. In face, it's quite the opposite, it's actually one of my favorite video game franchises of all time ever since I started the playing the first on the good ol' PS1.

The main reason why I have been trying to hold off on buying it is, is well kind of need this thing called a Playstation 3 in order to play. And sadly for me, I do not own one of these.

But after reading Maxios' recent blog. I got an idea. The idea is that I would sell my precious Wii. Now, I love my Wii, I really do. But you see, the problem is that it doesn't love me back in the same way. Hell, it doesn't love me at all. I bought the Wii on launch day, waited in line for the pre-order and everything, thinking that i was going to own a revolutionary console.

And I was right...sort of. It did revolutionize something, but not what I expected it would. What is it that it revolutionized you ask? Well...

This is what it revolutionized. In case you can't see it, that's old people playing the Wii. What the Wii did was change the mainstream market for video games. I mean, honestly when you can get my 87 year old grandpa to play video games then you've obviously done something right.

Now, I'm all fine with the way Nintendo is marketing the Wii with the whole "cool" kids now and days. But you see, I'm not a cool kid, I'm what you would call a "hardcore" gamer hence why I am on this site typing up this blog. So, after much disappointment with recent titles on the Wii I have finally come to this conclusion to sell my Wii. The only real games I actually still kind of play is Super Smash Brothers Brawl... and well, shit, that's it. I never even finished Metroid Prime 3 or Super Mario Galaxy.

If I had a choice on the other hand, I would not sell my Wii. But, in order to get my precious PS3 I must. I am only a 17 year old kid living in a suburb where nobody is hiring. And trust me, when I say nobody I mean nobody. And I get a cheap allowance so It'd take me an eternity to get the money for a PS3. So this is the choice I am making. I just hope this sacrafice will not be in vain. I know that MGS4 will be amazing to say the least. But, I'm just hoping that Sony doesn't continue sucking ass. They've definitely made a huge comeback over the past year but really need to step their game up in 2008, which I'm sure they will.

On that note, I hope to be getting the MGS4 PS3 80GB Bundle when it comes out the same day the game itself comes out. So expect me to be posting my PSN and what not for some good ol' FNF's. Anybody have some suggestions with some games that I should pick up with my PS3 (Though I probably can't pick any up the same day I get my PS3)? Also, does anybody know if I can pick up the PS3 if I go to a midnight launch of the game? Since I've read online and nobody seems to be offering pre-orders for the bundle.

-Goodbye sweet prince...

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