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jel x avatar 3:48 PM on 04.27.2011  (server time)
So Just What Is This "Trouble Witches Neo" on Xbox Live Arcade?

Trouble Witches Neo is out on XBLA today and I feel it is my civic duty to discuss it with the Destructoid Community. The game is an old school scrolling shooter similar to games by Cave or the Touhou games. If that means nothing to you, essentially cute anime girls fly around shooting magic bullets at each other, masking the fact that the game itself is SOUL CRUSHINGLY HARD.

Another interesting part of the story is the game is apparently a revamped version of an arcade game made by a "doujin" or independent Japanese developer. How in the world it made it out as a full international XBLA release is beyond me, but I say give us more!

So even if you're not really into the super cute anime aesthetic, if you ARE into hard, old-school gaming it might be worth checking out. Take a look at the trailer and see what you think.

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