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Deathsmiles (iOS) Review

It's been over a year since Cave first hit the app store with their port of Espgaluda II and it still blows my mind that A. I can play Cave games on my iPhone and B. they actually work. As the premier developer of old-scho...


Mushihimesama Bug Panic Review

I was kinda hoping Destructoid would review this game since I have been indoctrinated in the Cult of Cave and like to see the word get out on their games as much as possible. No review thus far (hey, can't cover 'em all) s...


Ten Dollar Tally: June 2010 Edition

Ten Dollar Tally is a monthly series where I recap how much gaming I managed to buy on a $10 budget and whether or not I feel I got my money's worth. The rules are simple: buy $10 worth of games every month, the games must c...


The Great Escape: Pursuing the Dream

I'm sure everyone feels this way at some point, but I have to say I'm not happy with my day job. I don't want to bore everyone with the details of what I do so I've prepared a video game related metaphor: Let's say I'm a l...


PSPGo and The Cautionary Tale of Gameboy Micro

As I was reading about Sony taking away yet another possible feature for the PSPGo, a brief memory flashed in my mind. Have I seen something like this before? It reminded me of another handheld from waaaay back in 2005 - th...


About jel xone of us since 7:37 PM on 09.10.2009

I like video games (obviously) and I like to write (and use parentheses, obviously), so I thought I might try out writing a blog.

I've been gaming since the mid 80s or so, My favorite games are RPGs, preferably "tactical", one-on-one fighting and tetris, which should be a genre unto itself. I'm also currently enamored with 'shmups as I have apparently developed a taste for pain.

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Oh hey, I also like to write about anime and other Japanese stuff:

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