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well i went in to one the other day, i was in LA area. now when ever i go in to a gamestop, its guys working, talking about games, and computers you know nerd stuff. anyways when i went into this one there was 3 girls working, and not the hot kind. 3 chola's, and they wernt talking about games. there were talking about dram in the LBC type stuff, "girl was cheating on my man", "bitch was at that party". stuff like that. and you could just tell they did not know the differce between a nintendo and stop sign, i mean some guy asked one of the girls about a game she had no idea what he was talking about. why would they hire people like this to work in a store like that. look i don't know anything about make up so im not going to get a job at MAC. has this happen to anyone else????

3:09 AM on 08.20.2007

how many homestar runner fans out there??? show of hands please...

well it seem that you can play some classic Videlectrix games with your wiimote. well not me i dont have a wii. maybe you fellow blogers can give it a try and let me and the other non wii people know what its all about.viidelectrix and if for some reason this is a repost... to bad i guess.

1:45 AM on 08.20.2007

blog what is blog??? well websters dictionary defines blog as....

1 slang for weblog.
2 slang for alcohol, used in science fiction fandom.

what does this has to do with game??? nothing.

and on that note we queue the music....matt matt matt.. fuck it

real blogs coming soon people