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Review: MotoHeroz

Wrapping up my last week of Summer, I thought I'd get one more review down the hatch. What exactly is this title that didn't get much coverage and why should you perhaps for once care about a WiiWare game? Because it's made b...


NVGR: Top 3 Ponies That Ever Were

Hello, everypony. The new season premiere of your favorite show is coming up in less than a week and I thought it would be the ideal time to lay down some words on the matter. For anypony not familiar with the series, Fri...


Improvements: Cblogs - The Little Things

Oops, rather late on this one. Had a bit I wanted to elaborate on but between recovering from PAX and all the new releases and other write ups I wanted to do, this fell by the wayside. This focuses on a lot of minutia revolvi...


Review: Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

Leading up to its release, I had no clue on what this game had going for it. Hadn't seen any gameplay videos or previews and aside from some banners at PAX and making the front page of Steam, this probably would have gone ove...


PAX 2011 Cosplayers: Favourite Five

As I sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for Space Marine to unlock, I thought I'd squeeze one more PAX post out before shutting the books until next year. Not as attention grabbing as "Top 5", but there's a few cosplayers I...


Source & Sorcery: Zeno Clash

Zeno Clash is a weird game. When people bring up examples of games that do first person melee, the list usually reads as Dark Messiah, the Condemned series, and Zeno Clash. I haven't tried out the Condemned games before, but ...


First Impressions: Xenoblade Chronicles

I have a bad history with JRPGs. Starting and getting used to them is fine, but the part that gets you to keep going until you finish tends to lose me. I've never actually finished a Final Fantasy despite getting into a few. ...


Source & Sorcery: Nation Red

The first (and off the top of my head, only) of the Source games that I'll be looking at that isn't first person, but rather a top down shooter. This is also also the least amount I've been able to find out about a developer ...


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