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The Villainthropist avatar 11:45 AM on 10.14.2012  (server time)
Jebussaves88 Vs Bad Men and 100 games!

Well, after something of a hiatus, Iím back. I have recently upgraded my career to that of a Registration Officer (a person who helps book civil marriages and checks youíre not dodgy), and am very happy in my new position. I no longer work nights, and only have one job that I have to travel to. But enough about the bland characterless NPC of life which is me, letís talk about videogames!

First up, as part of an effort to integrate my backlog blog with something more entertaining, I have taken the effort to start a ďLetís PlayĒ video series to go along with it. This will be a highly unambitious project where I will graciously share with you, the indifferent Destructoid community, moments from my personal relaxation time. My hope is that you find me a witty and charming if not slightly an acidic and unpleasant host to my own personal shenanigans. This first video comes as I strive to complete the 100th Backlog Videogame!

Jebussaves88 Vs: The Bad Men of Dunwall

So why do a ďLetís PlayĒ series? As a casual working-man critic of all things explodey and violent, it is my hope that showing you my gameplay and voicing my thought process as I play will allow you, my beautiful lovelies, to get a better insight into my opinion of the game. If I take the piss or whine during a playthrough, itís probably not one Iíd recommend. If itís a game I take the piss out of, but all in good fun and with an air of good times to be had, you better stick this thing on your Steam wishlist, because if I say so myself, I have excellent taste. I also, in all seriousness, want to make something of this account here on Destructoid, which is why, other than on Youtube itself, I will not be promoting this video series anywhere else. This is just for us. Iíve come to greatly respect the Destructoid staff and community, and if I manage to entertain and inform you with a glimpse of gameplay and commentary by some berk in England, then it is a great honour to have contributed to the greatness of this herew ebsite. Also, Iím quite aware that the backlog blog on its own was rather boring.

Done watching that video up there? Okay cool. So, as I say, I am soon to complete the one hundredth game in my backlog. I will write more in detail about my opinions on these games later this week once Dishonored has been completed. The reason I donít now is because Iím busy packing for a short excursion to Scotland to see the rain and hopefully capture a mountain troll, and any effort I make now to write about the sixteen games Iíve completed since we last spoke in July would be rushed and of low quality. Basically, I just wanted to let you all know that I love you and Iím not dead.

So for now, itís farewell, and I look forward to griping about Skyrim , Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lollypop Chainsaw and Dead Rising 2 at you. Bye bye now!

(Not dead)

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