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The Villainthropist avatar 10:03 AM on 04.05.2012  (server time)
...I got 10 facts for ya but a bitch ain't one... HIT ME!

Well, in the spirit of blending in with everyone else, here are 10 facts about yours truly.

1. My name is Aidan ODwyer, Im 23, single, British but of Irish descent. I was born in Ireland but had to be moved away when I was two weeks old under a witness protection scheme. I wont say why, but if you think of the Republic of Ireland and the 80s, you might figure out why.

2. I work as a bartender by night, and as an administrator at the county council. I hope to move on to a single 9-5 job some time this year, with my own flat and a nice car soon to follow. Yes, I still live at home with me Ma and Pa.

3. I used to want to be a games journalist, which was originally the reason I sought to start a blog. However, working full time as someone who most constantly keep a check on the games industry has lost a lot of its appeal. Id rather just play some games and maybe write the odd casual piece.

4. I have a rather stupidly large collection of games and consoles. 20 gaming platforms in total. As for games, I cant be bothered to count, so heres a picture or two.

5. The first game I ever played was an Alex Kidd game, which I played when I was 4 years old. I cant remember which one. The first game I played which I actually could play and enjoy was Street Fighter II Turbo on the Snes, around age 5. However, it was Sega Rally Championship 2005 which truly made me the gamer I am today, which may explain my love of rally games. Other highlights which shaped my gaming habits are Halo: Combat Evolved (my first proper FPS), Max Payne (which taught me games could have a decent story) and Left 4 Dead 2 (the game that truly sucked me into online multiplayer and PC gaming)

6. I have a scar on my elbow, which I got in an explosion. I was at a barbecue birthday party for my grandmother, at which most of my family was in attendance. In order to get the fire going, one particularly dim-witted uncle poured petrol on the barbecue, which promptly exploded. I was in the kitchen at the time, making tea, only to have the window behind me explode inwards. Luckily, the only cut from the flying glass I received was from a small chunk embedded in my elbow. Hurt like a bastard.

7. My other horror story was from a motorbike accident. I participated in some Trials riding (like Trials HD, but not so whacky) and was practicing my camber control (maintaining grip at low speed on a steep slope) when a quad bike flew out of nowhere and took me out. I rolled thirty feet down the steep rocky hill, coming to a stop when my wrist got stuck in an unearthed tree root. I heard a loud snap and passed out. The doctor later said it was the hand equivalent of internal severance, and that the only think keeping my hand on was the skin. It healed in a month. I was convinced I was Wolverine.

8. Aside from gaming, I like to read a bit, write a bit of fiction, watch movies and TV shows from America (British TV has got proper shit mate), smoke (yeah, its a hobby) and play the piano and bass guitar. Not to great on the latter, but the Joanna is coming along nicely.

9. I have few friends, but the ones I have are alright I guess. Im not an overly social person, and have a very cynical view of the world in general, which might explain my escapist tendencies when it comes to spare time. Im grouchy, sarcastic, like red wine and dream of opening a book store. I model my life on Dylan Moran and his character of Bernard Black in Black Books. If you have not seen this show, rectify immediately.

Like a boss.

10. I'm a ghost.

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