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How NOT to Design a Game: Sonic 3

I have a confession. I never beat Sonic 3 all the wasy through. I have beaten Sonic and Knuckles and just about every other Sonic game ever released, but in Sonic 3 there is this one part in Carnival Night Zone: Act 2... W...


Could an EA Console be Succesful?

As much as many of you hate EA, they are without a doubt a dominant force in the videogame industry and the quality of their products seems to be on the upswing. Their yearly franchises like Need For Speed, Madden, Live, Ti...


I Need Computer Help?

I posted this in our barren wasteland known as a forum a few hours ago but no one seems to check it so here it is... Whats better? 2 GeForce 8600GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 OR 1 GeForce 8800GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 I have 2 pci-e 16 slots on the mobo soooo?


Two New (old) SFIV Characters

These two videos show the return of my two favorite characters. 1st (Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger) 2nd (I Hate Zangief) These two characters are great but the thing I noticed about these videos is that Zang...


EA is all up in your GTA IV!!!!

Ea has made a $2 billion offer to take-two share holders for full control of the company Now that thats out of the way. This could again tip the tide in the war between Activision and EA. I thought EA's plans to try and g...



I just met this girl on medal of honour and she was all like "my basment is like a candy factory" So I was like "aye gurl leh me get dat friend code" I knew it was girl cause then we played strikers aand she piked DAISY. Now were thinking about taking our relationship all the way but don't worry guys I have my wiimote protector UPDATE she left for this guy: How am i suppost to compete wit dat


Most Stupid CoD4 Teammate Ever

I was playing search and destroy with a really good player so I complimented him, heres what I got in return Me: I dont think you have died the last 3 rounds Him: Ya yo I been killing them like rata tat tat. I'm like super ...


N64 the best console EVER

Any console that can render a shark that jawsome is number one in my seaworld And here is (i think) the last game ever released for the graphic beast. the graphics keep up with the original half life, thats pretty good for...


About jdub28one of us since 10:24 PM on 08.14.2007

I like games. I have owned a nes snes genesis n64 psone dreamcast ps2 cube xbo360 wii

I like sports games fps rpgs and all nintendo games that arent a series of minigames

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