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11:26 AM on 03.27.2008

How NOT to Design a Game: Sonic 3

I have a confession. I never beat Sonic 3 all the wasy through. I have beaten Sonic and Knuckles and just about every other Sonic game ever released, but in Sonic 3 there is this one part in Carnival Night Zone: Act 2...

When you get to the barrel thing in the picture, you are suppost to push up and down rythmically. It only took me 13 YEARS TO FIGURE IT OUT!!!! Instead of making it look like an elevator or putting an up and down sign on it, it looks like a drum and (like everything else in the game) you should just jump or spin dash it.

Well yesterday I finally decided to play Sonic 3 all the way through. When I got to Carnival Night Zone I made it pass the stupid barrel BUT then I got stuck in the wall. I thought maybe it was a glitch from the NOT emulator so I reset and stzarted again. The same thing happened in a diffrent spot. Twice in a row I got stuck in a wall and after 13 years I still havent played Icecap Zone. I thought maybe the fault was on my end. Maybe I was going the wrong way or something so I looked online for a scan of the manual.

I found out that the GLITCH is actually a FEATURE:

look at that last little part. Instead of actually fixing the glitch they just warned you that it might happen.

Im never playing Sonic 3 again.   read

5:09 PM on 03.25.2008

Could an EA Console be Succesful?

As much as many of you hate EA, they are without a doubt a dominant force in the videogame industry and the quality of their products seems to be on the upswing. Their yearly franchises like Need For Speed, Madden, Live, Tiger Woods, and now probably Skate, consistently sell millions of copies and their casual gaming service Pogo was unrivaled until the Wii started moving into their market space.

We all know about the attempts to buyout Ubisoft and Take-Two. Ubisoft seems to be safe with how well Assains Creed did and the success of every Tom Clancy game, but Take-Two seems to only be worried about bolstering their worth and squeezing as much money out of Ea as possible. Eventually Im sure that EA will own Take-Two and with that they will have a great foundation to build a console for the future generation of likely to hit shortly after 2010.

In 2007 Ea was only second to Nintendo in number of units sold. Although this was across just about every platform, that is a huge number of titles when you realize that Nintendo used its big three (Mario, Metroid, and Zelda) along with all of the casual gamers sucked up by the Wii and DS. After Gta IV is released and Take-Two joins EA, They will indeed be the biggest developer and maybe one of the most talented.

EA as a software company turning into a hardware company could make development for a new console cost effective through their own proprietary middleware and could possibly drop the cost of development for big time titles. The ps3 complicated hardware and Microsoftís strict policies for online and development of hardware like rock band accessories could both be avoided by having a little bit of input from their code devs. EAís console could potentially be more dev friendly than Wii without giving up cutting edge technology.

If you add up the sales from EA and Take-Two and assume that They keep the NFL and NBA license to themselves (with the only baseball competition being a PS3 exclusive) You could assume that EA would have at least a built in install base over 10 million customers after the 1st year (and that would be giving them a generous attach rate of 4 games to 1 console, If you change the attach rate to 2-1 that would 20 million) that could rival the sales of the PS2 over its lifespan.

If you look at Microsoft and their first party offerings you canít really explain how they survived without saying Halo over and over again, and how different would the ps2ís story be if you took out the GTA titles? 4 of the ps2ís top seven titles are from EA/Take-Two, 2 maddens NFSU 2 and gta San Andreas. The poor Dreamcast didnít receive any EA support and that was the biggest nail in its coffin.

As much as I hate to say it the only reason I brought the Wii was for Nintendo titles and other than a couple third party games I think everything else is trash. When the time comes to choose a new console in 20-10-2011 I would probably go Ea strictly for the 1st party. That will essentially be the only deciding bullet point next gen when you consider that just about every third party is giving up on exclusives.

EA maybe a slimy corporation that pumps out yearly rehashes but I will admit that most times I enjoy those rehashes, and when you throw in 2K basketball, GTA, Bioshock, potentially Bethesda games, and a Madden every couple of years I along with just about everyone I talk to would be a sucker for an ea console.   read

6:35 PM on 03.07.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

At the bottom left you can see where me and my brothers have kiked a hole in the wall after dying from low framerate and lag


8:55 PM on 03.01.2008

I Need Computer Help?

I posted this in our barren wasteland known as a forum a few hours ago but no one seems to check it so here it is...

Whats better?

2 GeForce 8600GT 512MB 128-bit GDDR2


1 GeForce 8800GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3

I have 2 pci-e 16 slots on the mobo soooo?   read

1:27 PM on 02.29.2008

Defend Your Castle: My new favorite WiiWare game

Im sure most of you have played Defend Your Castle while sitting at work or school but at your wii?

This games mechanics are great for the Wii because its mostly point and click but the feeling of throwing the little invaders in the air using the wiimote should be pretty awsome

Plus its got some of the craziest art work ever

As long as they don't charge too much ($5 to $8 would be good) I will defenitley be buying this over SimFinalFantasy.   read

11:23 AM on 02.29.2008

Two New (old) SFIV Characters

These two videos show the return of my two favorite characters.

1st (Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger)


2nd (I Hate Zangief)


These two characters are great but the thing I noticed about these videos is that Zangief is pretty much invincible. I hope they tune down his speed before release or he could end up being this generations cheap character.

At this demonstration Sagat was the final boss. After you beat him it said thanks for playing. I'm sure this will change by the time of release but I hope we get some one new and not Akuma or Bison. They should be in the game but we deserve a new boss character(that doesnt where a thong!!!)

Also it looks like Balrog has been nerfed since his Super Turbo days. You can't really tell because any body that jumps around like that guy in the video with Balrog is a noob (also he was going against the Red Cyclone himself, so that could have had something to do with it).   read

4:42 PM on 02.25.2008

Classic Review: Megaman X4 (coonskin05's contest)

Megaman as a character has did a sonic. There have been so many games made now, each new one tarnishing the mystique that this series built up through its early Nintendo years. Some argue about when the actual turning point was, but for me the series climax will always be Megaman X4.

The transition to X brought Megaman into a dark future where an army that he helped build suddenly turned on the human race. Megaman and a new friend named Zero were sent on a mission to find the evil being behind this plot and try and repair the reploids that had turned on them.

X-X3 saw the duo beat this evil force but never truly rid them selves of him. In X4 they are led by a central voice named Iris (zero's love interest). She talks to the two over a Snake like comm. system. You select from the 8 bosses just like all Megaman games and of course there is a right order.

Because of the jump to psone, the graphics are great. The locales differ from an ice land to a volcanoes, and each one is absolutely gorgeous. The bosses aren't the most memorable of the series but they are very carefully designed and catching on to there attack patterns might take a few deaths.

The other great part of this game is the option to play as either Zero or X. Zero is now equipped with a sword in stead of a buster and gains a whole separate set of abilities (including one that looks like Ken's Shin- Shoryuken). There are also optional upgrades for both characters making two play throughs all but necessary (you'll definitely wanna play through more than twice).

If you are even remotely a video game fan there is no doubt this game will become an instant favorite.

11/10 SHORYUKENS!!!!!   read

1:25 PM on 02.24.2008

EA is all up in your GTA IV!!!!

Ea has made a $2 billion offer to take-two share holders for full control of the company

Now that thats out of the way. This could again tip the tide in the war between Activision and EA. I thought EA's plans to try and get Epic were just rumors but it really seems like they are going to buy every developer under the sun. So whats a bigger pick up StarCraft 2 or GTA IV?



I was gonna make a joke about the next Elder Scrolls and Bioshock being roster updates, then it dawned on me. The big wigs at EA Tiburon recently left so 2k can slide right in and even though it will still say madden, we can get our beloved 2kfootball back (also MVP Baseball)!!!!!   read

3:25 AM on 02.21.2008


I just met this girl on medal of honour and she was all like "my basment is like a candy factory" So I was like "aye gurl leh me get dat friend code" I knew it was girl cause then we played strikers aand she piked DAISY. Now were thinking about taking our relationship all the way but don't worry guys I have my wiimote protector

UPDATE she left for this guy:

How am i suppost to compete wit dat   read

8:37 PM on 02.18.2008

Just because I can't understand you, doesn't mean I hate you

Playing CoD4 I have ran into more European gamers than ever and playing mainly hardcore search and destroy communication is key.

So usually before our lunch time there is always a large volume of UK players on and even though they speak english, most of the time i have an easier time understanding some of the spanish players from my two years high school spanish better than my friends 'cross the pond.

Mostly it isn't much of a problem but sometimes i have to ask "what?" a lot and they seem to get offended, than the rest of their talking seems to be American bashing. We have a pretty sizable UK membership at dtoid and I just wanna know is it as hard for you guys to understand us as it is us to understand you and why would you get offended by it?   read

5:40 PM on 02.18.2008

Most Stupid CoD4 Teammate Ever

I was playing search and destroy with a really good player so I complimented him, heres what I got in return

Me: I dont think you have died the last 3 rounds

Him: Ya yo I been killing them like rata tat tat. I'm like super human or some thing.

Me: I don't know about that but whatever your doing is working

Him: Well I did find a way to super charge my 360, my loads are like vroom and I been running real fast and stuff

Me: Super charge your 360? How'd you do that?

Him: Well I wrapped my 360 in towels for about an hour than when I turned it on it had redlights, than I started it again and it worked and was all supercharged.

Me; How many times have you had redlights before that?

Him: Never but I'm thinking about supercharging it again tonight so I'll be even better

Me: (facepalm heard around the world)   read

4:41 AM on 02.15.2008

N64 the best console EVER


Any console that can render a shark that jawsome is number one in my seaworld

And here is (i think) the last game ever released for the graphic beast. the graphics keep up with the original half life, thats pretty good for a console released in 96


To bad Nintendo did itself in with cartridges but if psone wouldn't have made gaming main stream we would all be even bigger nerds so it equals out

or does it...?


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